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100 per cent tax depreciation

At this busy time, it’s easy for the end of financial year to creep up unnoticed. Aussie Pumps would like to alert small business owners to the Government’s Instant Asset Write-off, which finishes on June 30, 2024.

Instant Asset Write-off

Aussie Pumps is urging owners/operators to consult with their tax agent to determine if they are eligible. Companies with a turnover of less than $10 million can get the benefit of instantly writing off assets worth individually up to $20,000, that are bought this financial year.

The benefits are enormous! Business owners and purchasing managers need to understand that now is the time to buy and take advantage of these tax incentives.

Aussie Pump’s finance manager Brian Cocker said, “No-one wants to pay more tax than they have to, and the current Instant Asset Write-off for small businesses is set to end June 30.”

Time to step up to the power of steam

A lot of people in the transport industry are unaware of how effective steam cleaners really are. Most use cold water pressure cleaners, but the complexity of burning diesel fuel in an electric powered pressure cleaner, or for that matter, a Honda engine drive unit, seems complex.

The concept of the steam cleaner is quite simple.  Diesel fuel is burned with the heat variable based on the amount of air mixed with the fuel. The high pressure water heats as it goes up through the heater coil. The operator has the ability to adjust the amount of air, a simple way to manage temperature.

Cleaning with hot water and steam has several advantages. It’s more efficient, cutting cleaning times by up to 75 per cent, using less water and less chemicals. It’s also more hygienic.

Using hot water to clean away oil and grease from machinery is not only faster, but it also helps to identify hydraulic leaks prior to service, facilitating less equipment down time.

Aussie Pumps has noticed more and more transport companies and owner operators are investing in steam cleaners when they need to clean engine bays or hydraulic equipment. Although the ‘hot wash’ range was originally only electric drive steam cleaners with diesel burners, the new range also includes portable Honda engine powered machines like the Aussie Heatwave.

It’s undeniable that steam or at least hot water at around 80°C will melt grease, making cleaning faster and often without the need for caustics or degreasers. Aussie Pumps has developed a product range which allows steam cleaners to be available from big 5000 psi machines for mines to simple 240 volt slow speed hot wash machines like the unique Aussie Sizzler. 

Aussie’s Sizzler hot wash delivers 1800 psi pressure with a flow of 10 lpm. With a maximum temperature of 80°C. The Sizzler comes in a stainless steel cover over a four wheel trolley. 

The secret of the machine’s success is what is under the cover. It comes with a top quality, slow speed, first world, heavy duty Triplex pump with solid ceramic pistons. It is driven by a four pole 1450 rpm electric motor and equipped with loads of safety protection gadgets.

As a wash bay machine, it does a great job on small trucks, but for big rigs, Aussie recommends something bigger.

“We developed a 4000 psi steam cleaner called the Admiral 4000,” said Aussie Pumps chief engineer, John Hales. “The Admiral delivers 15 lpm of flow but uses scorching 4000 psi. Combine that pressure and flow with up to 120°C steam, you get a very efficient cleaning result!” said Hales.

Portable steam… Do it in the field!

If you’ve got a requirement of on-site cleaning, the Aussie Heatwave Honda powered steam cleaner with 4000 psi gives you mobile steam cleaning capability. Although the machines are trolley mounted, the wheels can come off easily and the axles become mounting points on a vehicle. They can be trailer, truck or ute mounted. Aussie calls it a version of their JAW (Just Add Water) program. 

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