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$50M Great Northern Highway freight upgrade advances

The delivery of 11 overtaking lanes on the Great Northern Highway between Newman and Port Hedland in Western Australia is now underway.

The lanes will help support the Pilbara region’s booming mining industry, foster economic development and improve road safety for heavy vehicle drivers and other road users.

With more than 60 per cent of traffic between Newman and Port Hedland comprising of heavy vehicles, the new lanes are expected to enhance the existing freight network, increasing transport efficiency and improving road safety.

WA Transport Minister, Rita Saffioti, said the WA Government is focused on ensuring the movement of freight across the state is as safe and efficient as possible.

“We have a significant number of heavy vehicles moving on the Great Northern Highway and the installation of overtaking lanes in strategic locations will reduce travel times, improve efficiency, and enhance safety by ensuring drivers don’t take unnecessary risks,” she said.

“We remain committed to improving regional road safety and the wider State road network for both heavy vehicle operators and local commuters.”

The overtaking lanes will be delivered in two stages, with the first to see five new overtaking lanes built between Newman and Auski.

These will include three southbound overtaking lanes and two northbound overtaking lanes.

A second contract to deliver six overtaking lanes of the Great Northern Highway between Auski and Port Hedland is expected to be awarded before the middle of the year.

All 11 overtaking lanes are scheduled to be completed by mid-2025.

Senator for WA, Glenn Sterle, vouched for the claimed heavy vehicle benefits.

“As someone who still drives trucks along this route, I know this work is going to make a great difference for our truckies,” he said.

“These overtaking lanes will improve road safety by providing and encouraging safe overtaking opportunities, reducing driver frustration from drivers not being able to overtake slower-moving vehicles.

“Residents, drivers and importantly our hard-working truckies in Western Australia’s north will greatly benefit for years to come from this work being funded by the Australian and Western Australian Governments.”

In other news, one of Tasmania’s key freight links on the west coast is getting a major upgrade.

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