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A Comprehensive Tour of the XG+

After its successful debut at the Brisbane Truck Show, there has been a lot of interest in the DAF XG+, here’s a comprehensive tour of the XG+ from Europe which gives us a better look at the detail of the new design.

This truck model has been a game changer for DAF in Europe and arrived at exactly the right moment, as the dimensions regulations changed in Europe. It’s may be arriving here in Australia at a point where the dimension rules change, as well, with the move to a 2.55m wide cab allowance on the cards.

The new DAF range was the winner of the International Truck of the Year 2022 in Europe, when the new XF, XG and XG+ were released. DAF followed this success up with another International Truck of the Year Award for 2023 for the DAF XD, which is the smaller distribution truck design based on the same concept as its big brother.

The excitement around the XG+ in Australia is not just about the new spacious cabin, but also what’s there under the cabin. The new engine, which will be introduced with the XG+ is a 15 litre with a power rating available up to 660hp.

This engine is the Cummins X15D, which was also on display in Brisbane, however, from the language Paccar are using about it on the stand at the show, this engine may be classified as a Paccar MX15 when it arrives. See here in this Big Rigs video:

Whatever the classification, this new model is likely to be the catalyst for the DAF brand to really make its mark in Australia. The past twenty or so years have seen the brand bobble along without really making a major impression.

The decision to start making the CF models here in Australia began to lift the profile of a range of trucks which had gone largely unnoticed. The DAF CF is starting to appear in many garbage fleets as a front-loader and there are some CF side-loaders getting about as well.

Introducing a genuine heavy duty B-double, and more, prime mover will take the brand to unexplored territory in terms of market segment and will come along with the backing of one the best truck dealership groups in the country.


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