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A key supplier for two decades

Being a family-owned business, AA Diesel Truck Bodies has come a long way during the last two decades since operating as a small mechanical workshop. After knocking down its original site and expanding into a much larger, tipper body-focussed business, AA Diesel has now increased its workload to complete one truck body unit each day.

While being originally focused on tipper bodies, AA Diesel has now fully expanded and perfected its truck body building process by completing high-volume levels of tipper bodies, truck trays, dog trailers and more. With a high level of production through the company’s factory each day, the need for quality parts is incredibly important.

JOST helps AA Diesel deliver the quality of build that they are known for through its extensive range of products, giving customers further reassurance with their truck bodies.
Completing builds that meet and exceed client expectations has always been a core focus of the business, and AA Diesel Office and Sales Manager, David Green, says that by being a key supplier, JOST Australia has been instrumental in achieving that outcome.

“AA’s relationship with JOST goes back almost 10 years in the making, back when we were still a small workshop,” he says. “JOST was a key supplier back then and that relationship grew over the years as we did. Originally, it was the hydraulics range with the PTOs and pumps that we used when JOST first started doing hydraulics, and over the years it grew to using more of their products like the ROCKINGER, the RO500, the couplings for trucks and trailers, the Ball Races for dog trailers, tow couplings and we’ve used the JOST aluminium rims on our trailers as well.”

The partnership between AA Diesel and JOST has gone from strength-to-strength because of each company’s commitment to quality. The team at AA Diesel has always admired JOST’s strong customer service levels and knows that the products they order will always be of the highest standard.

“What we like most about JOST’s products is the reliability,” David says. “The reliability and the quality are what really stands out for us. The direct customer service from the salespeople is second to none. We’ve got our key people in JOST that we can talk to, and they know exactly how our company runs and they take care of it from start to finish.”
From underbody, front cover and well mount cylinders to oil tanks, JOST has all Australian hydraulic requirements covered.

JOST’s well mount cylinder range is available in three, four and five stage models, with 18- to 50-tonne capacity; and its front mount cylinders in three, four and five stage models with 18- to 45-tonne capacity.

The cylinders operate efficiently at standard Australian oil pressure, 135 bar, and are all hard chromed. They feature solid clevis bushes which help reduce sideload on the cylinders, double welded heavy-duty trunnions, larger diameter trunnion pins, greasing point and grooves, wide bearing surface and extra tube overlap for added strength, extra O-ring incorporated in the sealing system and short four-stage cylinders for roll back tarp, truck and dog applications. All stage chroming on Hidromas hoists come as standard.Its under body cylinders and complete wet kit solutions are available to suit and meet all applications, along with a flexible oil tank range and accessories for all mounting options.

With a suitable option for every scenario, JOST remains a key supplier to many companies like AA Diesel.

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