A one-stop shop for fuelling needs

Petrogas and Pacific Petroleum operate 48 fuel stops across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, including numerous sites with B-double access, and many that are unmanned.

“Our unmanned sites are a point of difference. We bring an option that’s available 24/7, with outdoor payment terminals at the pump. A number of these sites have toilets and showers too. Once you buy fuel, you receive a code to use the toilet or shower facilities,” explained Chris Wight, general manager of the Australian fuel group.

Petrogas acquired Pacific Petroleum in March 2022, so the two brands now run under common management and ownership.

The network includes 27 fuel stops in Queensland, four fuel stops in NSW, and 14 fuel stops in Victoria. As Wight reveals, there are more in the pipeline as well, with various new sites currently in development.

For the past five years or so, Liquip Victoria has been instrumental across the company’s operations.

Each state based Liquip operation supplies equipment for storing and transferring bulk liquids including petroleum and other hazardous liquids. They specialise in the terminal, tanker and aviation markets, offering products that include meters and pumping systems.

From fuel pumps to fuel storage through to fuel transport, Liquip Victoria is the major business partner for Petrogas and Pacific Petroleum, helping to keep things flowing – literally! 

Liquip Victoria has built a few Petrogas / Pacific fuel depots, the most recent of which was a major inland regional depot, incorporating a truck stop, in Shepparton, Victoria. 

Across the two brands, there are 70 trucks in the fleet, used to transport fuel – a mix of semis, B-doubles and rigids. Most road tankers are fitted with Liquip’s Swift Delivery System, which uses level gauging to deliver multiple products accurately and conveniently through a single pump to selectable outlets.

“We were one of the first to put the Swift Delivery System from Liquip Victoria in our tankers and now build our tankers as standard with this technology,” said Wight.

“The Swift System removes a lot of the manual labour out of the fuel delivery process, helping to reduce fatigue throughout the day. It’s a one-pump system which minimises the need to move hoses and its lighter which means improved payloads as well,” he added.

Across the Petrogas and Pacific Petroleum brands, there are 70 trucks in the fleet.

“We’ve always wanted to be at the cutting edge of technology whilst ensuring our delivery settings and sites are the most ergonomic. This system is almost completely automated, and our drivers think its great.”

In addition, Liquip supplies fuel storage tanks, which Petrogas and Pacific Petroleum acquire for customers who have fuel delivered on site. 

Liquip also provides truck servicing to Petrogas and Pacific Petroleum, making it a true one-stop shop for the company’s needs. 

“The Liquip Group is well set up to service businesses like ours,” said Wight. “At the unmanned fuel facilities, they can provide us with everything we need. We use and recommend Liquip Victoria as a partner for all our requirements, from provision of equipment and infrastructure builds to servicing and maintaining our delivery vehicle fleet.” 


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