A smoother ride with INTRAAX’s ZMD technology

Based in Kyneton, Victoria, RSD Transport was started by Bobby Dicko almost 30 years ago. The business runs a fleet of 16 trucks and approximately 30 trailers, carting dangerous goods and general freight Australia-wide.

Dicko says he began using Hendrickson suspension back in the mid 1990s. As new technology has been introduced into Hendrickson’s offering through the years, RSD Transport has been quick to implement it into the fleet.

“About half of our fleet runs on Hendrickson’s INTRAAX suspension. They’re lighter and virtually maintenance free,” said Dicko.

“Cost wise, INTRAAX only needs a major service every 1,000,000 kilometres or so. We got 1 million kilometres out of the last trailers before we did a full tear down and replace of the hardware kits, so now we won’t have to touch them for another five years.”

The newest B-doubles joining the fleet feature INTRAAX with Zero Maintenance Dampening (ZMD) technology. This technology is designed to eliminate shock absorbers from the maintenance equation by integrating the damping function traditionally performed by the shock within the air spring itself. ZMD air springs exchange pressurised air between the bellows and the piston. This patented air spring provides uniform and consistent damping over the life of the air spring.

RSD Transport runs a fleet of 16 trucks and approximately 30 trailers.

“There are two B-doubles I’ve purchased this year that have ZMD, which Hendrickson invited me to trial. The first of these B-doubles has now been on the road for four months and the other will be delivered shortly. We have another five trailers with ZMD on order too,” explained Dicko.

And according to the truckie behind the wheel, it’s a definite winner, especially when it comes to ride quality. “Our driver reckons it rides really well, especially when he’s on the Newell Highway, which is in such poor condition. He reckons these trailers are 10 times better than the previous trailers he was towing,” Dicko added.

In the newest trailers with ZMD, Hendrickson’s HXL7 Extended Life Wheel Bearing package has also been included, which helps to keep maintenance costs down even further. HXL7 also comes with a five-year or 1.2-million-kilometre wheel end warranty too. “This is the first time we’ve used the HXL7, but I’m pretty sure this will be even more cost effective for our operations,” said Dicko. 

Hendrickson Australia also has a number of other value-add products for fleets running linehaul or in various other applications. These include TIREMAAX PRO Tyre Inflation system, CONNEX STEER, PRIMAXX, TOUGHLIFT and COMPOSILITE Steer Lift for trucks.

For further details, please visit the Hendrickson website at aus.hendrickson-intl.com or contact 03 8792 3600.


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