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AAA Trailers doubles down with new trailer model

AAA Trailers, with more than a decade of transport expertise in the industry, prospers in delivering truck and trailer solutions for the Australian market.

The company’s fit to purpose products range from drop decks, flat decks, low loaders, wideners, extendables and tankers, which accommodate length, weight and shape for most freight layouts. Building on range of combinations already proven throughout the country, AAA Trailers has rolled out yet another option.

AAA Trailers’ brand-new 45’ drop deck quad-axle widener offers an impressive payload of 35 tonnes with a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 36 tonnes and an Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) of 60 tonnes. The design itself was crafted by AAA Trailers Director, Daniel Bull, for an industry that never stopped asking for it.

“A lot of customers wanted just a standard 45’ drop deck type to cart heavier machinery on a smaller trailer,” he says. “There was a high demand for them, so that’s why I jumped across and made it happen.”

The unit, a completely new trailer to AAA Trailer’s offering, was built with general transport and mining interests involved specifically to give operators the best possible outcome in these freight tasks. Uptake, according to Daniel, is already through the roof.

“We’ve got ridiculous amounts of back orders, and people haven’t even seen them yet,” he says. “The first ones are in our showroom in Perth, and then the rest of them are all on backorder. So, customers are queueing up to buy them at the moment.”

Some of the quad-axle trailer’s most important features include bifold ramps, a low deck height for overheight and heavy cartage, and a front lift axle and a rear steering axle to give operators improved handling. Daniel says the trailer is a lot easier to be moved around the countryside and performs extremely well in these conditions.

“It’s running SAF-Holland airbag suspension with top-of-the-range Electronic Braking System technology controlling the braking system,” he says. “With the axles, they are one of the largest ones you can buy, so it means you can put more payload on it.

“We import the SAF-Holland suspension itself from Europe, just because it’s well-known and a very good brand. The airbag suspension makes general cargo a whole lot easier to load and unload, and it just protects the equipment a bit more.”

Like the new quad-axle, AAA Trailers has many different models which are all fitted with EBS. The system adds an extra level of safety due to its predictive nature, which can detect if the vehicle will roll and in some cases slow down engine speed. With accountability being a driving factor for the company, a warranty system is also included in each sale.

According to Daniel, the new trailer also gives operators more deck space to work with.

“The top deck on this trailer is useable space,” he says. “Some standard conventional quad-axle low loaders have a goose neck type of frame which means you can’t put general cargo on the top deck, whereas with these, can have general cargo on the deck. So, you’ve actually got a whole lot more deck space to utilise.

“They’re small and they’re short, so they’re more flexible as well. They’re basically like a mini quad low loader so it can fit in a lot of easier areas. That’s pretty much the whole point of it. It is able to be set up as a road train too, so it can be as a rear trailer in a road train configuration.”

Image: AAA Trailers.

Built to the Australian Design Rules (ADRs), AAA Trailers’ road transport equipment is constructed by highly skilled technicians who take pride in their job. Incorporating rigorous evaluation of each trailer into its work practice, the company produces reliable gear that adheres to the ADRs’ core focus of vehicle safety, anti-theft and emissions.

This aspect of AAA Trailers’ operations is evident in the construction of its latest model. During the development stage, Daniel relied on this and the business’ pre-existing knowledge and abilities in the field to deliver the solution.

“We have a pretty big team of engineers, so in that sense, I tell them what I need and they make it happen,” he says. “We already had a widener, and we wanted to turn it into a quad-axle widener instead of a tri-axle. Because they already exist, there weren’t really any huge developments or complications.”

For Daniel, the ultimate goal in creating this trailer, though, was to provide another high-quality option for every customer at an affordable price.

“We’re trying to keep everyone honest, that is our biggest goal,” he says. “For AAA Trailers, this is not really about the trailer. Our goal is to sell high quantities at very good quality, and our quality is at the very highest standard. We don’t plan to make a million dollars off each trailer. We try to sell them as cheap as we can so that we can basically sell more to more customers.

“I believe it will be a best-selling trailers due to its size and what it can do. There’s not too many restrictions. You’ve got a lot more weight that you can load on top these trailers, so it’s more of a universal trailer for everybody.”

Fast fact

AAA Trailers purposefully designs its trailers with more tare weight, thus providing a much stronger and chassis for customers.

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