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Achieving fleet compliance with Air-Weigh

In the complex realm of fleet operations where efficiency and safety are critical, Bluetooth wireless technology, though useful in some scenarios, often falls short in effectively pairing trucks with their trailers.

This shortfall is particularly evident when the length of a vehicle surpasses the operational range of the wireless device, leading to persistent connectivity problems with the last trailer in a combination, and often resulting in vehicles being non-compliant with Performance-Based Standards or Smart On-Board-Mass (OBM) conditions.

Additionally, the laborious process of manually selecting and pairing wireless devices with each trailer can be overwhelming and time consuming for drivers. More worryingly, research has shown drivers often neglect or forget to use the necessary applications, again resulting in non-compliance with PBS permits and Smart OBM requirements.

On the surface, low-cost wireless OBM solutions might seem attractive due to their affordability, but their drawbacks become apparent when they are installed and put into use. These shortfalls often result in placing undue stress on drivers, compromising operational efficiency, and potentially leading to safety concerns and compliance issues within fleet operations. The apparent initial savings can be overshadowed by the long-term operational challenges and risks they introduce.

Air-Weigh uses a transformative solution

E-Max provides a value proposition that is far superior to conventional wireless or Bluetooth scales.

Unlike traditional hardwired systems, its novel system eliminates the need for additional cabling between trucks and trailers, utilising the pre-existing 7-pin electrical suzie coils that power the heavy vehicle lights. As a result, fleet operations essentially become ‘wireless’, making it effortless for drivers who only need to ensure that the mandatory 7-Pin electrical Suzie coil is connected.

Air-Weigh’s world leading advanced system also automatically assigns trailers in the correct order every single time, ensuring that every truck-trailer configuration complies with your company’s PBS permits without any driver input. It’s as simple as this – no extra cables (effectively wireless), and no driver input beyond turning the ignition key.

Moreover, E-Max enables ‘hot swapping’ of trucks and trailers in fleets. Never worry about pairing or reprogramming trucks and trailers again – it’s all about plug and play, whether truck to trailer or trailer to trailer.

Not only does Air-Weigh help to minimise driver distraction, it also creates a safer environment. Without the need for expensive mobile phones or tablets and data/phone contracts, it can lower the risk of on-road distractions and significantly enhance safety.

“We understand the crucial role telematics play in modern fleet operations,” said E-Max. “Therefore, Air-Weigh is compatible with all telematics providers approved by Transport Certification Australia (TCA), offering a flexibility many OBM providers cannot match.

Air-Weigh has worked with Transport Certification Australia (TCA) and other road authorities for more than a decade to test and improve its OBM systems. This includes an extensive commitment for TCA’s Category B approved system for use in IAP-M, Smart OBM and VicRoads High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs).

Integration with all approved telematics providers within the National Telematics Framework is, according to E-Max, a seamless process. Once connected, the Air-Weigh system processes mass information within a secured network between the telematics device and the OBM system.

Determining specific axle weights at loadings sites is easy and precise with Air-Weigh OBM systems. This technology helps fleets reduce expenses associated with fees, time, out-of-route kilometres, fuel, overweight penalties and delays in truck stops. In addition to being a superb product, OBM systems are generally provide its users with a rapid return on investment.

Air-Weigh brings the future of fleet management to your doorstep, accommodating everything from small fleets to those numbering in the thousands. Embrace the ease of use, enhance safety, and ensure seamless fleet operations with Air-Weigh’s unparalleled OBM solutions.

Call: 1300 850 575 or email and speak with an Air-Weigh Specialist today.

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