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Adelaide business acquires four new Isuzus

New Isuzu FRR 110-260s along with an FTR 165-260 and an FXZ 240-350 have been delivered to Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions.

The Isuzu FRR 110-260s are fitted with Hyva eight-metre reaching four-tonne cranes for portable toilet logistics while the FTR 165-260 and an FXZ 240-350 have been equipped with vacuum tank bodies.

The company’s owners Ben Harris and Suzanne Magro previously owned and operated a liquid waste pumping and treatment business called Septic Pumping Services, which they sold to an international company in 2017.

It wasn’t too long, however, before that international operation left Adelaide, leaving a hole in the market and customers without a reliable waste collection service.

This enabled Harris and Magro to establish Adelaide Liquid Waste, purchasing four fresh-off-the-floor Isuzu trucks to round-out their fleet. With the help of North East Isuzu and expert body builders, North East Engineering and Blade Engineering, each of the new trucks was tailored to exacting specifications.

“I spent quite a bit of time with Darren from North East Isuzu working out the best weight distribution for the FRRs,” said Harris. “We created space on either side of the tank for transporting portable toilets, with the crane situated at the very rear of the tray.”

He explained that the FTR and FXZ vacuum tank units were carefully configured to ensure correct axle weights with full tanks.

“From previous experience we found that when our vacuum tanks were located right behind the cab, there was potential for overloading the front axle,” he said.

With truck specifics nailed down, Harris and Magro’s next point of action was coming up with a design that would catch the eye and drum up business. They settled on a sleek matte grey paint and logo that have gained them significant attention.

“In Adelaide, septic trucks don’t have a great image, some operators tend not to look after them because it’s not a particularly glamourous industry,” said Harris.

“We make sure our trucks are washed every weekend and take pride in the way they look, and we know it translates into sales. We definitely want to channel that pride and good energy into our new business.”

Magro explained that another critical factor is having an experienced driver base.

“We referred the drivers that worked for us in the original business to the international buyer – but they’ve all since come back to work for us at Adelaide Liquid Waste,” she said.

“These drivers are like the A-Team, they know exactly what they’re doing and they’re amazing at what they do.”

Harris said the new Isuzu fleet purchase was based on more than the truck maker’s good reputation; it was the trucks’ capability on the job and the aftercare guarantee – leading to whole-of-life cost savings for the business – that sealed the deal.

“I’ve driven a lot of different trucks, including some other Japanese brands; my personal preference is Isuzu,” said Harris.

“In a business like ours, you can’t have downtime; it just can’t happen. Reliability is key, working hand-in-hand with what we do.

“We rate ourselves as running a first-class business at Adelaide Liquid Waste, so our trucks need to be on the same page,” he said.

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