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Ageing truck fleets in review

Austroads has published a report that tackles issues associated with ageing truck fleets.

It investigates policy options for reducing the harmful effects of the oldest trucks operating on Australian and New Zealand roads.

Aged trucks, according to the report, impose a financial burden on the community through their effects on human health and the environment.

This study analysed the contribution of aged trucks in two of these areas – their representation in casualty crashes, and their contribution to pollution-related health costs. The analysis focused on heavy vehicles above 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) used in freight transport.

The research identified measures that have been effective in other jurisdictions to influence the use of older trucks. It assessed these options for their likely effectiveness in Australia and New Zealand. The methodology included a literature review, consultation with government and industry, and an options analysis to prioritise suitable measures.

Topics reviewed include where and how aged trucks are used, effects of aged trucks on health and safety, why aged trucks are used, policies to manage the use of aged vehicles and evaluation options for Australia and New Zealand. It also covers heavy vehicle emissions standards, aged vehicle usage by location and road, heavy vehicle fuel consumption and methodology and references for calculating health costs.

The report, Options for Managing the Impacts of Aged Heavy Vehicles, was published 8 April 2021 nd is available as a free download.

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