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Air-Weigh offers increased efficiency with OBM systems

On-board scales, a cornerstone of modern vehicular technology, are not limited to the realms of specialised Smart On-Board Mass (OBM) programs but extend their utility across general purpose transport.

In this area, Air-Weigh’s OBM systems enhance efficiency across the board. According to E-Max, the primary allure of on-board scales lies in their ability to provide real-time weight data, a feature that transcends the need for external weigh stations or guesswork.

For general transport operations, this means significant savings in time and fuel, as vehicles no longer need to detour to weighbridges. This efficiency gain, available with Air-Weigh’s offering, not only streamlines operations but also translates into environmental benefits by reducing unnecessary emissions.

Beyond efficiency, on-board scales play a crucial role in cost management and regulatory compliance.

“Overloading is a common issue with hefty financial penalties and safety risks,” says E-Max Head of Sales and Operations, Ben Harris. “By enabling precise load management, these systems help transport operators avoid overweight fines and reduce wear and tear on vehicles, thereby extending their service life and optimising maintenance budgets.

“These systems address not just the issue of overloading but also the often-overlooked problem of underloading, ensuring that each journey maximises its cargo capacity without exceeding legal limits. By optimising load capacity, companies can ensure that no vehicle space goes to waste, further enhancing economic efficiency and productivity.”

Versatility across industries, Ben says, is also a strongpoint of on-board scales.

“The utility of on-board scales extends across various sectors, not limited to logistics, waste management, or construction,” he says. “Agriculture, mining and even retail delivery services can benefit from the precise weight data these systems provide.

“For instance, in agriculture, on-board scales can ensure that payloads of produce are within legal limits, optimising the distribution process from farm to market. In mining, accurate weight measurements are crucial for both compliance and operational efficiency, ensuring that vehicles are safely loaded and productive.”

On-board weighing systems are not just scales, but data collection hubs that offer valuable insights into operational efficiency. This data can be integrated with fleet management software, providing analytics that help in making informed decisions about route planning, load distribution and fleet optimisation.

For general purpose transport, this means the ability to adapt to challenges with agility and to continuously improve operations based on empirical data.

“On-board scales have proven their worth well beyond the niche applications of Smart OBM programs, offering universal benefits to the transport industry at large,” Ben says. “Their ability to enhance operational efficiency, ensure compliance, save costs and provide valuable data makes them indispensable in the quest for a more efficient, sustainable and compliant transport sector.

“As technology evolves, the potential for on-board weighing systems to innovate and improve general transport operations will undoubtedly grow, making them a key component in the future of transportation.”

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