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Ambrose Haulage adds new A-double to Lionel Moore Trailers fleet

When Ambrose Haulage first entered the transport industry in 2008, Director, Jim Ambrose, was in search of a primary trailer supplier.

The business, based in Goondiwindi, Queensland, would go on to cart a range of agricultural products such as grain, barley, wheat, almonds and canola into different ports and feed mills throughout South Australia, Brisbane, New Sales Wales and Victoria. But, in order to do that it would need a fleet of reliable trailers.

“We had never carted grain and we wanted to find out what trailers we should buy,” Jim says. “So, we did a bit of research and bought our first set of trailers from Lionel Moore Trailers. We’ve had a longstanding relationship with them ever since.”

From there, the Ambrose Haulage business and trailer line-up continued to grow. The fleet is now the biggest it has ever been with 66 Lionel Moore Trailers units including tip-over-axle (TOA) tippers, drop decks, A-doubles, AB-triples and dollies.

Ambrose Haulage’s latest purchase from Lionel Moore Trailers, which has just been deployed in the fleet, is a brand-new A-double flat bottom TOA tipper and dolly combination featuring a 57-tonne payload with a Gross Combination Mass of 85.5 tonnes and a tare weight of 28.5 tonnes.

Jim puts a lot of time and effort into the way his trailers look and present themselves. His attention to detail, especially when it comes to making his trailers appealing, means he requests a series of additional features on his units such as modified tarp handles, extra lighting across and inside the tipper trailers, submarine doors, wider steps on dollies, extra grab handles and non-slip material.

“There’s a lot that has gone into making the trailers very functional, tough, reliable, and safe to use,” Jim says. “Everything is on display every day of the week, so we want everything looking as good as it can. That being said, I’m really happy with my trailers. They’re schmick from front to back and they’re working beautifully for us.”

Jim says Lionel Moore Trailers has welcomed his requirements in these areas with open ears.

“The best thing about Lionel Moore Trailers is they’ve always listened to me,” he says. “Over the last 16 years, they’ve always found a way to make things work. They meet my demands and my requests, and they make sure that every time my trailers go out, they’re getting better and better.”

By working with Lionel Moore Trailers on the designs of his trailers, Jim says both companies are able to push the boundaries and come up with a perfect solution that everyone is happy with. These collaborations, throughout various dealings, he says, have proven to be worthy to the Ambrose Haulage business.

“Without the longstanding relationship with Lionel Moore Trailers now, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” he says. “Their positioning for our business is a very big reason as to why we will never leave them as long as we’re in this game.”

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