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Aquaholic Water Cartage takes delivery of Tuff trailer

Family owned and operated transporter, Aquaholic Water Cartage & Transport Services, is dedicated to providing the highest standard of water cartage, heavy haulage, machine relocation, pilot vehicle and transportation services throughout Queensland and Australia-wide.

The fleet primarily services the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Caboolture, Sunshine Coast and Logan areas, as well as providing national services depending on the project. Aquaholic Water Cartage & Transport Services offers a safe and modern fleet available for wet hire 24/7 with the ability to undertake water cartage, heavy haulage and transport projects of any scale. These include quad axle and 4×8 low loaders, eight wheel tilt trays, crane trucks and rigid, semi water, B-double and road train water tankers which are all well maintained and regularly serviced.

Aquaholic Water Cartage & Transport Services bought its first trailer from Tuff Trailers around seven years ago, which happened to be a second-hand vehicle. Director, Keith Reid, says Tuff Trailers’ commitment to support that product since day one has been very impressive, and the business’ ability to change and adapt according to his needs have built on the relationship further.

“The thing that stood out to us in the beginning was that Denis and the Tuff team does things outside of the box,” he says. “They don’t just say ‘That’s how we’ve done it for 20 years’, they’re willing to give new stuff a go. So, the fact that Tuff have been willing to be progressive has kept us a returning customer since.”

Keith’s list of combinations manufactured by Tuff Trailers include two self-tracking Super Tilts (also known as ‘Tilt ‘N’ Slides’), a full power steer 5×4, a mechanical power steer 4×4, a Tuff extendable drop deck along with a couple of regular extendables, and most recently, a brand-new power steer in 4×4 configuration. This unit will be primarily used for Metropolitan work in Queensland and has just been hooked onto an eight-wheeler truck to achieve a 38-tonne payload without a dolly.

While Keith has just accepted delivery of the trailer, he is already confident it will deliver to the fleet’s highest standards.

“It will be fine,” he says. “Accessibility is good because it’s shorter and because of the remote-control steering. Accessibility is what the trailer was built for – to be light and so that it could access sites. It will get into anywhere that any other semi-trailer can’t get into, that’s for sure. The DL-S hydraulic suspension is great as well; it has a lot more suspension travel than the previous ones. Ground clearance is also a lot better.”

In addition to agreeing that Tuff Trailers’ combinations live up to their name, Keith says the company’s ability to support this product is what sets it apart.

“Tuff Trailers supports their product in the used market very well,” he says. “You will never see a Tuff trailer for sale, they will have a home for it and sell it into a home somewhere before it hits the market. There’s always demand for them, they hold their value very well.

With spare parts being quite accessible and a team that is always easily approachable and willing to help, Keith is optimistic in placing his trust in Tuff Trailers.

“At the end of the day, Denis and the Tuff team do 100 per cent stand behind their product,” he says. “And because of that it’s always a pleasure to be dealing with Tuff Trailers. The biggest thing I can see is they have changed things as we have asked them to be changed over time, and that’s something that is really important to us.”

Fast fact
Since being founded by Denis and Nicole Di Pasquale in 1994, Tuff Trailers has built a solid reputation for supplying trailers that live up to their name while suiting the individual needs of customers around Australia with different requirements.

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