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Australian container giant adds milestone Mercedes-Benz to fleet

ACFS Port Logistics recently took delivery of its 50th Mercedes-Benz Trucks Actros.

The largest privately-owned container logistics operator in Australia, which runs 15 warehouses around the country, received the special Mercedes-Benz Trucks model at its Port of Brisbane facility.

AFCS Port Logistics fleet and compliance manager, Alan Guest, was there to receive the keys for the special truck from Daimler Trucks Gold Coast’s Brock McGarity.

ACFS Port Logistics, which moves a remarkable 1.2 million TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units) every year, has another 50 Actros units on order such is its confidence in the truck and the support of Daimler Trucks Gold Coast team.

Guest was instantly impressed when he trialled an Actros in 2019, with both the standard safety features and inherent fuel efficiency of its Euro 6 engines standing out. ACFS operates a mix of 530hp 13-litre and 580hp 16-litre Actros models.

“The Actros delivered significant fuel savings over the truck it replaced and it continues to deliver fuel numbers that are absolutely brilliant,” said Guest.

In order to cut emissions and fuel use even further, Guest has always enabled the Actros models to switch off their engines after three minutes of idling. It is a measure that saves a vast amount of fuel and emissions over the whole fleet.

As for safety, the Actros comes with safety systems including the fifth generation radar/camera Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) called Active Brake Assist, which can now automatically perform full emergency braking for vehicles and pedestrians. All Actros models also come standard with Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Attention Assist (AA).

ACFS adds its own task-specific safety items on top of the suite of standard safety features including five cameras and data telemetry system, as well as fitting its trailers with all the latest features including electronic aids.

“Safety is critical for ACFS,” adds Guest. “The level of standard safety in the Actros is welcome because we want to do everything that we can to maintain the safety and wellbeing of our people and those they interact with.”

The cabin, which features two large high-resolution tablet screens and a modern ergonomic layout, has been well-received by drivers, as has the performance of the Mercedes-Benz Trucks engines and the 12-speed AMT transmission.

“The comfort and the features are just sensational and the drivers just love them,” said Guest.

The 50th Actros is one of two trucks that ACFS operates as an A-double, which is able to carry 80 pallets to leading supermarkets from the Port of Brisbane.

ACFS is also looking a range of other higher productivity combinations including a trial of AB-triples.

It is also actively investigating zero emission transport solutions and is especially interested in the battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell technology being developed by Daimler Truck.


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