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Bespoke industrial vacuum tankers

The Air and Gas Industries (AGI) team is currently building another spills recovery vehicle for a customer, after having just finished a 23,000-litre capacity tipping semi-trailer for another customer.

Both units, built at AGI’s Brisbane manufacturing site, champion design customisation and optimisation for the customer’s unique applications.

The AIRVAXX ST23 tri-axle semi-trailer, featuring a 23,000-litre waste compartment, was built to order and adapted to suit the customer’s exact specification requirements. The tanker will be used to collect a broad range of general waste products such as muds and sludges.

“The vessel is fitted with a sample point, sight glasses and a mechanical level indication arrow for product fill level verification,” says Michael Fowler of AGI’s Manufacturing Group.

“To assist with operator safety and speed of operation the unit has been fitted with a hydraulically operated overhead suction boom, which carries a six-inch suction hose that can be positioned by rotating, raising/lowering, and extending/retracting of the boom. The waste vessel is fitted with tipping system that can tip to 25 degrees as well as having a full opening rear door to allow for easy clean out of thick sludge type products.”

The electro-pneumatic control system provides safe, reliable and intuitive operation. It includes a wireless remote to operate the pumping system and suction boom. The tanker also incorporates a safety interlock that prevents tipping of the unit while it is full of product.

“The unit features a Pompetravaini TRVX1007 liquid ring vacuum pump system with a flow rate of 1000 m3/hr,” Michael says. “We have used this particular model of pump on a large number of tankers, it is frequently selected due to its tried and tested durability and longevity. It also offers a reasonable flow rate to tare weight ratio that makes it attractive for a broad range of vessel sizes and applications.

Flexibility and customisation, according to Michael, is central to the design principles at AGI.

“We custom-design equipment to make sure that all equipment we manufacture is safe, reliable and offers the best functionality for our customer’s application,” he says. “For instance, the semi-trailer features the latest remote-controlled technology and exceeds all relevant Australian standards. It’s manufactured right here in our Wacol facility. The second unit, the spill recovery vehicle for the airport, is also built on a bespoke design. The AIRVAXX DGR Industrial Vacuum Tanker is a purpose-built dangerous goods, aviation spills recovery vehicle. The one in build is identical to the unit we completed for the same customer in 2020. These units are split compartment to allow mixed product loads of aviation fuel and general waste as part of spills clean-up around the airport.”

AGI has been manufacturing customised road tankers for the transport industry for nearly 50 years. During this time the company has built road tankers covering a broad range of applications for the energy, agricultural and environmental management sectors. The core focus of the business is building safe and reliable road tankers of the highest quality for the benefit of its customers.

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