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BlueScope Distribution a trusted partner

BlueScope Distribution is a recognised steel and aluminium distributor, servicing Australia’s transport and automotive customers with quality products as well as processing and project management solutions.

With a network of 16 strategically located branches across Australia in both metropolitan and regional locations, it provides customers with the convenience of having a single source supplier, allowing them to have the freedom to focus on what they do best.

Customers can feel confident that BlueScope Distribution can meet their project requirements, and with ISO 9001 quality management system accreditation, BlueScope Distribution can ensure material traceability of the steel and aluminium is supplied.   

The company offers an extensive range of products sourced from BlueScope Distribution’s extensive range of premium product offerings, complemented by custom grades and aluminium from carefully selected partner brands. This selection includes key products such as XLERPLATE steel, TRU-SPEC steel, Bisalloy Steels’ Quenched and Tempered Plate, various pipe and tube products and merchant bars, as well as aluminium products such as sheet, plate and extrusions. 

In addition to its product range offering, BlueScope Distribution also provides a variety of processing capabilities which cater to meet the unique needs of the transport industry. These capabilities include steel plasma and oxy cutting, bevelling, shearing, slitting and re-coiling, as well as intricate aluminium router cutting and protective film application.

With this comprehensive suite of processing solutions, the company delivers an end-to-end solution, seamlessly transforming raw materials into semi-finished parts ready for assembly or fabrication.

BlueScope Distribution National Manager Sales and Pricing, Ken Johnston, emphasises the vital role played by the company’s processing solutions.

“Our innovative processing solutions enable us to cut both steel and aluminium products according to customer specifications,” he says. “Moreover, we also work closely with our customers relating to any customised steel grade requirements and can help with specialised aluminium extrusions where required. Our team is incredibly experienced and focused on ensuring that each customer receives the support that they need.”

Ken says BlueScope Distribution’s teams are skilled in handling and processing steel and aluminium products.

“With our processing capability, our teams can take large steel and aluminium coils and cut these down into custom sides slits or sheet material helping to improve customer yield during their own manufacturing processes,” he says.

BlueScope Distribution provides transport customers with the added convenience of having their steel and aluminium products processed by highly skilled teams. These teams consist of experienced estimators and programmers, who collaborate closely with customers to provide workable solutions that enhance design and nesting capabilities, thereby ensuring minimal wastage.

Furthermore, it provides the ability to label and kit materials, facilitating the grouping of diverse products and custom-cut components in the configurations required to meet the specific requirements of their customers – thereby optimising the production process and ensuring seamless operations.

Image: Bluescope Distribution.

According to Ken, the team at BlueScope Distribution are recognised for their personalised customer service and technical product support, including certification and material traceability.

“They offer end-to-end steel and aluminium project management solutions and are supported by an experienced team of experts who know how to help our customers meet their project and delivery milestones,” he says. “Our team understands that transport manufacturing and fabrication customers need continuity of supply and access to quality steel and aluminium products.”

BlueScope Distribution National Aluminium Manager, Brad White, says they also take the time to fully understand their customers’ business, which helps them offer the most fitting steel and aluminium product and supply solutions possible.

“Having strong industry knowledge and a focus on listening to customer needs are other factors which differentiate BlueScope Distribution from others,” he says. “We take the time to learn what clients require so that we can offer them a complete solution complementing product, service and value. If a customer needs seven or eight different aluminium products, we’re committed to providing the full suite of the materials required, not just the basic readily available products, but the more complex ones too.” 

“With BlueScope Distribution”, Ken says, “your business has access to a comprehensive range of steel and aluminium products and processing solutions to provide semi-finished parts, all with one convenient point of contact.”

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