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BlueScope joins as highway sponsor of Healthy Heads

Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds Foundation (HHTS) has attracted BlueScope as a National Highway sponsor it announced today.

Through this sponsorship, BlueScope is committed to embedding the Healthy Heads Roadmap, playing a role in raising awareness and building cultures where workers, employers, managers and leaders know they can reach out for support when they need it the steel producer said.

“At BlueScope, we know how vital this industry is, we want to play our part in driving awareness and change, building greater resilience across the workforce and ensuring people feel heard when it comes to the challenges they may face. We respect and value the work our Driver-Partners do,” said Jeff Moore, BlueScope Australian Steel Products Supply Chain Manager.

“The important initiatives and projects carried out by HHTS are pivotal to building better work cultures and breaking down the stigma that exists around mental health. We are committed to working closely with HHTS and taking the necessary steps to make sure everyone across the road transport, warehousing and logistics industries have access to the information, tools and resources they need,” he said.

Earlier this year the Foundation launched the three-year National Mental Health and Wellbeing Roadmap (the Roadmap), providing all operators with access to the tools and resources needed to build healthier and thriving working environments.

HHTS CEO Naomi Frauenfelder extended a warm welcome to BlueScope in joining HHTS as a sponsor.

“We are delighted to work with organisations like BlueScope who are committed to taking steps toward better mental health and physical wellbeing of the wider industry,” she said.

“The need to address key industry mental health risk factors is well overdue, with 38.2 per cent of workers diagnosed with a mental health condition saying that their workplace caused or exacerbated it, according to SuperFriend. With the support of BlueScope, we are able to continue delivering on key initiatives and projects nationally,” said Frauenfelder.

HHTS is an industry umbrella body specifically created to improve mental health and physical wellbeing across the road transport, warehousing and logistics sector.

Recognising that it is vital to take action to ensure the industry is one where all people feel supported in what they do, HHTS is aligned with BlueScope in its vision.

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