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Bookkeeper sentenced for stealing $1.2m from Adelaide transport boss, 81

Convicted fraudster Amanda Marie Dyer, 58, has been sentenced in the Adelaide District Court to seven years and nine months with a five-year non-parole period for stealing $1.2m while working as a bookkeeper for Rick Cobby Transport.

Dyer stole a further $90,000 from Normanville’s Lady Bay Hotel before an anonymous tip-off alerted management and she was sacked.

Earlier this year, the court heard Dyer stole $58,976.45 from Rick Cobby Transport between April 10 and December 31, 2013.

She stole a further $299,431.70 in 2014, $438,949.82 in 2015, $287,546.87 in 2016, $117,981.70 in 2017, and $63,130.99 between January 1 and July 20, 2018.

Rick Cobby’s son Jamie told The Advertiser that Dyer also asked for two payments of $100,000 from his father to help with cash flow.

“Then she asked for more and he didn’t have any more,” he said.

The fraud led to the liquidation of Rick Cobby Transport in 2018, which eventually led to Dyer’s stealing being discovered.

“It’s such a shame Dad’s gotten to this point of his life and everything he’s worked for is gone,” said Jamie.

“He can’t afford to go on holiday now.

“He’s not only lost a multimillion-dollar business, he’s lost his personal money and his reputation.”


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