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BRE excels with collaborative trailer options

Since establishing in 1980, Bruce Rock Engineering (BRE) has developed a wide range of trailers varying across the board, from standard A-doubles to Performance-Based Standards (PBS) quad road trains.

Based in Western Australia, it has made its mark with its extremely durable trailer combinations which are built to last.

The demand for its combinations saw BRE establish a brand-new location in Forrestfield, WA, last year. Opened on 27 October 2023, the 18,000-square-metre facility was created to prepare BRE for the further growth and demand expected to arrive in the next decade.

The new facility has already significantly expanded BRE’s manufacturing capabilities. It features two separate buildings. One is for BRE’s steel processing and chassis fabrication which houses its sister company, Transbeam Industries, and features CNC higher-plasma laser piping, press breaks, and all the typical metal processing elements that is required for BRE’s in-house transport manufacturing. The other part of the building is dedicated to chassis fabrication, with chassis rail beam machines, chassis and dolly fabrication, robotic welding of medium-sized componentry for draw bars and dollies and a blast and paint facility.

The second building on the site is split into two for BRE’s repair, maintenance and refurbishing services. It features 45-metre drive through bays to accommodate AB-triple and 42-metre triple combinations, three full-length pits with hydraulic platforms for BRE’s service and repair functions and a final assembly of dollies, general freight and refrigerated vans with a wash bay on the end of it.

Now that BRE has a new state-of-the-art production hub, it can continue to build the combinations it is renowned for. Among these trailers being offered, BRE has two distinguished options – its Hopper belly dumpers and Galosh Walking Floor trailers.

BRE is the exclusive Australian distributor for Titan Trailers, based in Canada, North America, which is where the hopper trailers originate from. As part of this agreement, Titan Trailers supplies the materials to BRE which then assembles the trailers in-house at its WA locations. In their final forms, the hopper trailers are available at BRE in single trailers, B-doubles, B-triples, AB-triples and 30m PBS A-doubles with tandem or tri axle dollies.

Like the rest of BRE’s trailer portfolio, the Hopper range is built to withstand Australia’s harshest operating conditions with an aluminium construction. It uses Titan Trailers’ patented THINWALL horizontal hollow core extruded panels which provide the best possible strength to weight ratio.

The closed body design eliminates potential mud build up under the trailer body and the unibody construction delivers an industry-leading strength to weight ratio. The trailer’s benefits include a horizontal tongue-in-groove joint that is supported inside and outside for strength and rivet-free lower hoppers which allow for smooth discharge and an easy cleanout.

BRE East Coast Sales Manager, Michael Booker, says the hopper trailers are dependable and robust, which allow grain unloading with precision.

“They’re built to last a very long time,” he says. “All the drivers that have bought these things tell me that they tow very well and sit behind the truck fantastically. I’ve been on a few rides along with these trailers, and they’re very clean to operate for the operator because they’ve got remote controls for the trap doors and the bellies.”

The hopper trailers generally come with electric tarps as well, which gives operators increased cycle times.

“When going to a grain facility, you can move in and out a lot faster than you can with a tipper,” Michael says. “A combination basically has only one reset for the vehicle and no tipping, so you can move to a facility without having to worry about what’s overhead. There’s very minimal overhead risk, it’s much safer and it stays a lot cleaner.”

“These trailers generally tare significantly lower than a tipper combination as well. As a combination, the A-doubles have gained a bit of popularity, especially when you’re getting payloads well north of 60 tonne.”

Image: Bruce Rock Engineering.

BRE’s Galosh Walking Floor trailers are also imported from Titan Trailers. As stock, they come as a 48-foot long and 98-cubic metre trailer. However, custom builds are available upon request.

“They could be anything,” Michael says. “We have done 45-foot road trains, and the option for 53-foot quad axle is possible as well.”

Known for their tare weight and longevity, the Galosh range is also made up of Titan Trailers’ thin aluminium wall panels and features leak-resistant waste spec floors. The trailer body itself has a very wide loading aperture with only one intrusion in the body, along with a framed hydraulic lid system on top as a load cover.

“It’s extremely heavy duty for the actual tare weight that it is,” Michael says. “It’s significantly lighter and is easy to use and clean.”

Its key features include a hydraulic flip roof, hydraulic back door, KEITH Walking Floor’s V-Floor and Clean Sweep, and rear lights integrated into the gate.

According to Michael, these units specifically have proven to pay off in their long-term applications.

“The main feedback I have received is that the extra expense at the time of purchase will pay you back in having less repairs and maintenance,” he says. “This is because in their applications of doing refuse and waste, they can withstand whatever is given to them.”

Through the Hopper and Galosh ranges, as well as the rest of its trailer combinations, BRE is committed to providing for Australia’s transport industry.

“We’ve got progressive stock coming through with both of those models, so we’re regularly importing for the industry,” Michael says. “Stock is limited, but it is regular so that we have a solution available.”

Fast fact

Bruce Rock Engineering’s Hopper belly dumper and Galosh options arrive from Canada, North America. Trailer manufacturer, Titan Trailers, supplies all materials required for BRE to then assemble the units in-house in Australia.

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