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Bruce Highway sees another upgrade completed

Seven new overtaking lanes to improve road safety and efficiency on the Bruce Highway have been completed between Bowen and Ayr.

The lanes, including four northbound and three southbound, have increased the number of safe overtaking opportunities along the 115-kilometre stretch, reduced travel times and improved traffic flow.

The project also delivered safety improvements such as widening the road, installing wide centre line treatments and removing roadside hazards at four locations including West Euri to Abbott Point Road, Armstrong Creek, Aaron Creek to Slater Creek, and Plain Creek.

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, Catherine King, said this particular section of the Bruce Highway carries over 3,500 vehicles per day, including heavy vehicles.

“Given this significant number and the mixed use of the highway, the introduction of seven more overtaking lanes will greatly support safer and more efficient travel for all those using the Bruce Highway between Bowen and Ayr,” she said.

The upgrade was delivered via four projects totalling $42.4 million, funded by the Australian Government under the Bruce Highway Upgrade program – Overtaking Lanes Package.

According to Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey, the upgrade will deliver benefits for years to come.

“In delivering these overtaking lanes, a number of options were investigated to identify the preferred locations and widening approach, and to confirm and appropriately treat roadside hazards,” he said.

“The new overtaking lanes will actively improve safety and efficiency on the Bruce Highway between these two great towns by providing more opportunities for motorists to safely pass slow moving vehicles, reducing driver frustration.”

Following Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s first week in office last year, it was announced that a further $586.4 million would be invested to get trucks and cars moving along the Bruce Highway.

Just a month after this announcement was made, a new northbound entry ramp was opened on the Bruce Highway to introduce better safety measures for road users.

In other news, Toll Group has announced the opening of a new healthcare warehouse and distribution facility in Richlands, Brisbane.

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