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Bruce Rock Engineering takes the centre stage

Bruce Rock Engineering (BRE) designs and manufactures Performance-Based Standards (PBS) equipment as well as a range of other high-quality trailer combinations to suit various applications, including side tippers, end tippers and dog trailers.

To promote its capabilities to the transport industry, BRE brought two prestigious units to the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show – a 13-cubic-metre side tipper and a 23-cubic-metre four-axle dog trailer combination.

Part of BRE’s Evolution Series, the combination mirrors the same footprint as a 20-metre PBS truck and four-axle dog trailer to be able to run in PBS applications.

“We made it of an attractive light tare weight so that it still gives a competitive payload with all the benefits of side tipping,” says BRE East Coast Sales Manager, Michael Booker.

Where this side tipper differs to BRE’s other combinations is in its size. Although it is on the smaller end of the spectrum, it’s a unit specifically targeted to the eastern side of Australia with an already-adopted vehicle configuration.

“We still wanted to display our bread-and-butter product, but the configuration in this unit is targeted towards the eastern states and is already accepted,” Michael says. “That was the point of difference that people hadn’t seen before – that type of body in that configuration.”

The unit was designed to be a high-performance vehicle with a combination of safety aspects, and the end result is an extremely reliable vehicle with high productivity due to its operating speeds and heavy-duty side tippers which require very low maintenance.

“We are well known for the larger PBS combinations,” Michael says. “We quite commonly provide the PBS options on the larger units, but this one is a bit of a new spin on that 57.5-tonne, 20-metre truck and dog spec. It is different in that format because it’s quite rare to have the side tipping aspect on a truck and dog.”

As Michael reveals, this unit will be demonstrated in various fleets over the next few months. Starting now in Queensland, it will work its way down the east coast through to Tasmania where it will give operators a chance to see if it can be used in the place of end tippers.

“We have got a few targets to give it to,” he says. “The shortlist is still being worked on – it’s a growing list because the people who saw it at the show are wanting to be added to it. It will turn up in quarries, road works and maybe even with some of the garden suppliers to see if they can handle it.”

Speaking on behalf of the team at BRE, Michael says the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show had an extremely positive turnout largely due to the combination it chose to display.

“By choosing this model to represent what we stand for, I think the stand definitely attracted extra attention,” he says. “It got quite a few people in to talk about it, that’s for sure. Coming into the event, though, I thought it was going to be kind of a social show. But a lot of people had serious discussions about specs and timings for getting vehicles.”

Fast fact

Bruce Rock Engineering prides itself on offering a range of side tippers and dollies that offer great tare weights and build quality. Its dollies, for example, are manufactured with a unique ‘high-tensile sandwich style chassis’, to maximise both tare weight and structural integrity.

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