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Camera technology gives FBT Transwest peace of mind

Started in 1972, FBT Transwest is a specialised supplier of high consequence transport, storage and related supply chain services.

Operating from six depots across Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle, the company’s bulk transport division runs a fleet of around 75 trucks and over 140 trailers which are used to transport hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and materials, including dangerous goods and food materials.

The trailer fleet is made up of approximately 100 skel trailers, 40 tankers and a handful of tautliners.

The prime mover fleet includes 31 company owned vehicles, with the remainder being sub-contractors, primarily doing local and regional work, with the occasional interstate run.

Recently, FBT enlisted the help of WHG Technologies to fit all of its company owned vehicles with the FleetCAM vehicle monitoring system and deploy its Security AI Camera Technology across its depots.

According to FBT Transwest managing director, Cameron Dunn, every truck and trailer entering the fleet is specced up to ensure the highest levels of safety – and the FleetCAM system extends on this. 

He’s a firm believer that good businesses are safe businesses. “At FBT, we deal with high consequence goods, which means dangerous goods and food. The principles of both categories are very much the same,” Cameron said.

In the food space, the business transports materials such as cooking oils. “And you can’t contaminate food materials because if you do, they can make you sick – so it’s the same business disciplines as dangerous goods.

“FBT aligns itself with partners who we believe have the same ethos as we do. The WHG camera system has been implemented specifically to help improve safety.

“By having these sorts of systems in place, if there ever is an incident – like if a car cuts in front of one of our trucks for example – it means we can protect the driver, so it provides an added sense of security,” Cameron added.

FBT has now begun rolling out WHG’s AI Camera Technology, through WHG’s Security Division Bandit Security, at its depots. Image: WHG Technologies

While FBT is currently using WHG’s forward facing cameras, the company is looking to expand the implementation to include side facing cameras too.

“We’re trialling WHG’s blind spot cameras at the moment on a new dangerous goods tanker to see how that goes. These cameras were installed a few months ago,” said Cameron.

Building on the success and added security experienced through the FleetCAM system, FBT has now begun rolling out WHG’s AI Camera Technology, through WHG’s Security Division Bandit Security, at its depots.

Its Tottenham location, which is FBT’s major dangerous goods site has been fitted out with a full suite of AI network cameras, to meet various needs – from video security and to support operations, along with artificial intelligence (AI) thermal cameras, which identify hotspots, and fire and smoke detection technology. From a compliance perspective, Cameron says the WHG offering ticks a lot of boxes.

“The feedback we’ve had from the authorities has been really positive. The cameras provide a good visual, which we can check from anywhere on our phones or computers. If something happens at the site, we can look back and see when and how it’s happened,” he said.

“With the thermal cameras it means we can keep an eye on where the heat is, and if there is an increase in temperature, it will send an alert to our phone.

“So far it’s just the one site using the thermal technology, but this will eventually be rolled out at all our facilities.”

Cameron says the camera technology provided by WHG is easily fitted, versatile and easy to use, with excellent capabilities. He also added that WHG’s service and back up support has been excellent.

“We get on really well with the team at WHG. As we’re learning more and more about each other’s businesses, there are more technology options we can use. We are also looking at WHG in terms of depot security, so you can monitor the sites via cameras rather than through patrols.”

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