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Carriers prompted to take part in Premier Commercial Vehicle Fleet Guide

Prime Mover magazine is launching the Premier Commercial Vehicle Fleet Guide 2021.

Endorsed by ARTSA-i and Victorian Transport Association, the upcoming showcase will be a valuable resource offering truck manufacturers and OEMs the ability to ascertain and discern sales targets for new business, connect geographically with buyers and identify fleets with needs that they can meet.

The guide, which debuts in December, will be an annual feature in the calendar for Prime Mover.

One of its main aims is to provide a benchmark of the established road transport organisations in Australia including those companies rising in recent years, the groups that are essential to the national economy, major investors in new mobile assets, trendsetters, regional powerhouses and firms undergoing investment and growth.

To participate transport operators can register here.

By increasing the visibility of the premier fleets in the industry, suppliers, dealers, repairers, tech specialists, startups and those companies in and adjacent to the aftermarket will have greater visibility with which to familiarise operational specs, create alliances and generate new leads.

“In its coverage of the people and businesses that provide an essential service to our communities, Prime Mover is committed to chronicling their stories as they offer insight into the backbone of this nation,” said William Craske, Prime Mover Editor.

“Key decision makers on the supply chain are crucial to this network. It’s through their planning, decisiveness and resolve that food, goods, clothes, natural resources, building materials, waste and the like are delivered during good times and, equally, in periods of immense challenges.

“That’s the bigger story of the industry and part of that story is ongoing investment and innovation across a diverse range of operations and products. The Premier Commercial Vehicle Fleet Guide fosters an opportunity to reflect upon that.”

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