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CBB outdelivers once again

RJ & CK Trezise commenced its operations in the transport industry in 1984 with an old second-hand tip truck. Working in and out of quarries in Dunnstown, Victoria, RJ & CK Trezise would cart crushed rocks and quarry products to several road and rail projects and concrete plants, as well as taking part in replenishment work on the side.

From the first single tandem drive truck, RJ & CK Trezise slowly evolved its fleet over the years with trucks and trailers, two-axle combinations, super dog trailers and now quad dogs and Performance-Based Standards (PBS) combinations.

RJ & CK Trezise has continued to rely on Chris’s Body Builders (CBB) for new truck and trailer combinations since it was introduced to the product shortly after establishing almost 40 years ago. James Trezise, the son of Director, Rod Tresize, has recently taken over the fleet and continues the family tradition by dealing with Chris Jnr directly.

“We saw one of their advertisements in a magazine, which had a photo of one of their trailers,” Rod says. “I thought it looked pretty good, so we gave it a go. That’s where it all started.”

Rod bought his first trailer from Chris Snr around 30 years ago which he says was CBB’s third ever unit built. Since then, all of the fleet’s orders have been PBS aluminium truck bodies with three or four axle trailers from CBB.

As part of its operations, RJ & CK Trezise completes a series of cartage contracts out of quarries in Dunnstown and around local Victoria. Having seen his previous CBB units withstand the harsh conditions they are operating in, Rod has continued to add more tipper combinations to his fleet in recent years.

“The way these combinations are put together is what sticks out for me,” he says. “I think they’ve got a really good product, and when you’re on a good thing, you stick to it. That being said, we’ve never had any real issues with any of CBB’s products. If we do happen to have an issue, I can speak to one of the boys and it’s rectified straight away.”

Rod has joined the long list of happy customers with CBB, and he’s certain the fleet will continue to grow with CBB’s durable units.

“They’ve just got an outstanding product and their service backs it up,” he says. “We’ve had a really good relationship with Chris Snr, Chris Jnr and also the other boys there as well. You couldn’t get better people to deal with. Chris Snr was a gentleman to do business with and Chris Jnr is following in his footsteps.”

Fast fact

RJ & CK Trezise has purchased all of its truck and trailer combinations from Chris’s Body Builders since establishing in 1984. The fleet only chooses CBB’s aluminium truck bodies with dogs due to their demonstrated reliability and their reputation for success.

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