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CEVA Logistics B-doubles celebrate culture though art

Transport and logistics company, CEVA Logistics, is rolling out an indigenous Australian artist’s design across six 42-pallet B-doubles.

The artwork is reported to represent a unique and visible expression of CEVA’s commitment to its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

These trailers will travel along the east coast and southern line-haul routes.

The artwork, entitled ‘two long-neck turtles protecting their home’ was designed by Melissa Bell, a Gunditjmara and Yorta Yorta woman inspired by her background, her totem and her country.

The artwork, like many of Bell’s other works, features the long-necked turtle, an animal that is both a cultural totem for her and a unique part of the Australian ecosystem.

Since 2020, CEVA Logistics has been implementing its ‘Reflect’ RAP in Australia.

CEVA’s RAP is endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, the national authority that guides and educates organisations on the journey regarding race relations, equality, institutional integrity and the importance of historical acceptance.

The CEVA Logistics RAP operates on four pillars: education, inclusion, employment and economic empowerment. While formal education has played an important part of CEVA’s RAP so far, the new trailer design adds another dynamic and artistic aspect to the company’s actions.

“Through our Reconciliation Action Plan, CEVA endeavours to positively impact our own organisation and the communities and environments we operate across,” said CEVA Logistics Vice President – HR and QHSE for Australia and New Zealand, Katherine Ivosevic.

“It’s so important that we celebrate the unique cultures that are represented in this part of the world and, furthermore, that we welcome and include all.

“Our CEVA team across Australia is proud of the work already delivered and motivated to continue the journey.”

In other news, work has started on further improving freight access on Tasmania’s state road network under a new $100 million program.

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