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Maurice completed his apprenticeship while working for Borcat in the late 1960s, which at the time was run by Angelo Borg and Paul Muscat.

Here he worked seven days a week to build his experience, and he spent his nights studying to learn the art of trailer body building and heavy vehicle spray painting. Because of his hard work and commitment to improvement, Maurice worked his way up to foreman and then moved into the larger transport industry.

“I was an energetic young man with big ideas and a passion for manufacturing which saw me leave Borcat in 1973 and start manufacturing steel bins from my garage in Greystanes,” Maurice says. “My working conditions were tough – the workshop was an old, corrugated iron shed with low ceilings, I had limited tools and could only work on small sections of the bin at any one time due to limited space.”

Despite the conditions Maurice built up his business and then moved it to Camden, New South Wales, which aligned it with the coal industry’s demands at the time. Here he designed many innovative solutions for the industry’s applications, until another opportunity arrived.

“At this same time Paul Muscat left Borcat and we joined forces,” Maurice says. “Paul Muscat was a familiar name in the transport industry so it was decided that this would be our business name, and Muscat Trailers was born.”

Maurice has a unique skillset in the industry like no other. Navigating through complex problems long before engineers were on board to help with a piece of chalk and a block of concrete, Maurice was able to sketch his ideas and then build them up with his own bare hands. Things have changed over the years and Maurice has slowly embraced technological advancements which has allowed him to document his ideas at Muscat Trailers and push the bar even higher with his wealth of experience and knowledge.

Maurice wasn’t afraid of trying new ideas or failing. It was always learning for him, and he was excited when a customer presented him a challenge. Maurice still plays an integral part in Muscat Trailer’s operations today alongside his son and CEO, Troy Azzopardi, where he continues to keep costs down to make strong and reliable trailers that can meet the needs of his customers.

“I mentor our engineers with advice, ideas and new projects that present themselves,” Maurice says. “We still manufacture what I consider one of the best trailers on the market. We continually strive to keep at the forefront of the market’s needs, and we also support the transport industry by exhibiting at various events such as The Brisbane Truck Show and MEGATRANS.”

Having founded Muscat Trailers back in 1982 with Paul, Maurice looks back on the business’ success as it continues to thrive today.

“As I reflect and see what the business has become with the many challenges that are presented, especially to the manufacturing industry in Australia, I am thrilled with where the business is heading,” he says. “Muscat Trailers has an enthusiastic young team driven to succeed.”

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