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Clenton’s hit with e-toll error

The toll charging ‘scandal’ has intensified with heavy vehicle drivers not being repaid due to system errors and are instead only being offered credit.

Road user toll overcharges are reportedly not being paid out and are instead being held as credit according to testimony from affected drivers such as Kirk Scott.

Scott told Seven News that he had an overcharge of around $1,500 which was not refunded and at the time of his interview was sitting in his account as a credit.

Other drivers have been impacted by significantly larger amounts.

Jason Clenton, the owner of Clenton’s Transport, was overcharged approx. $57,000.

“I don’t need a credit,” he said. “I need the money put back into our business account.”

Metropolitan Roads Minister, Natalie Ward, said in Parliament earlier this week that refunds to impacted customers would be refunded and that debit card customers were already refunded and advised it may take a day or two.

Clenton said yesterday that Transport for NSW advised he would not be receiving a refund of the entire amount; it will instead be held as credit.

“They are refusing to refund me as I have deactivated my E-toll account after which they stole a further $14,000.

“Pretty disgusting to say the least.”

This has fired up the broader conversation about ‘tollmania’ and the rise in toll costs following an estimate of more than 3,600 people being overcharged – and in some cases more than once.

“This is a huge bungle,” said Clenton.

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