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Congestion continues for truckies at West Swanson Terminal in Melbourne

Logistics operators are continuing to experience extreme congestion at DP World’s West Swanson Terminal in Melbourne.

In a statement to industry late last week, peak sector body Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA) said the issue was due to stevedore DP World undertaking construction works to reconfigure the landside truck grids within the terminal.

“This has removed approximately 35 per cent of landside capacity,” said CTAA director Neil Chambers.

“Truck turnaround times have blown out on some shifts to over four hours, meaning that transport operators miss subsequent vehicle time slots and can’t complete the freight task planned.”

In an update today, CTTA said the completion of the concrete pour in the north park of the terminal will accommodate new drive-on truck grids.

“This redevelopment will be progressively commissioned as the concrete cures over the coming weeks.  Until then, more than a third of the landside capacity of the terminal remains unavailable for operations.”

DP World also warned of further delays as King’s Birthday Weekend approaches.

“The volume of cargo for vessels cutting off and available will exceed the road capacity on multiple shifts,” said DP World in an operational message to transport operators yesterday.

DP World has indicated that this is due to vessel bunching, “particularly considering 2xA3N service vessels (ANL) calling within 24hrs of one another rather than the scheduled seven days apart.”

DP World has also warned that it will not be able to accommodate preferred slotting times for the “vast majority of the (landside) industry.”

“Demand for preferred operational times will far outstrip what can be supplied and full use of every zone that the terminal is open will be required.”

CTAA said freight forwarders, importers and exporters are urged to speak with their container transport providers about the impacts of the extreme delays.

“Charges for futile truck trips, truck waiting time at the wharf, weekend surcharge rates, and additional lifts via transport yards, are commercial matters between transport operators and their customers,” added Chambers.


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