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Consolidated Group pursues fleet replacement with AAA Trailers

Consolidated Group is a Western Australian company focused on civil earth works and plant hire services which has been servicing the mining, government, transport and construction sectors since forming in 2013.

With a range of plant hire and civil works equipment on hand and rental options for both wet and dry hire, Consolidated Group can cover a range of areas including civil and plant services, crushing and screening, defence, material and recycling, mining, transport and so much more.

The company has been built from the ground up by Managing Director, Theo Tsorvas, and his wife, Kate, who proudly run the family-owned business as a team.

Three years ago, Theo met AAA Trailers Director, Daniel Bull, and was instantly impressed by his offering. It’s why Theo then purchased his first set of trailers from the OEM straight away, and it’s also why AAA Trailers has been chosen to replace all of his old stock in the fleet.

“We went and had look at Daniel’s product, how he operated and how he delivered on it,” Theo says. “With the way he handled himself and his business, and how he offered his services, we went along with beginning to transfer all of our existing fleet across to AAA Trailers.”

60-plus trailer combinations down, the fleet is advancing at a rapid rate.

“The setups we’re using are pocket road trains, so two B-doubles put together with tri-axle dollies,” Theo says. “We’ve got C road trains as well, with an A trailer being put into it, alongside our standard B-doubles with tri-axles, side tippers, drop decks and low loaders.”

Consolidated Group’s expanding business has overtime seen the need for a bigger fleet. And, with AAA Trailers’ reliable service and fast delivery times, Theo says it has been able to get new units in a short timeframe.

“Not only are we getting a great product, but when Daniel says he can deliver and he gives you a delivery date, he delivers it on that day,” he says. “We’re getting a product that is durable, lasting, and is going to have a good resale value down the track which is important. So, our growth is off the back of Daniel doing all that.”

As its primary supplier, Theo says AAA Trailers has done very well with the quality provided.

“Daniel has re-engineered certain things on our trailers for us and made that part of the design,” he says. “If we ever came up with a change or needed something to be looked at, he would redesign the trailer for us. He then upgraded our older trailers with the design, and put the updated changes on the new ones that followed. That’s happened a few times over the years as we’ve been building the spec up.”

Theo’s trailers travel all throughout WA for Consolidated Group’s varied freight tasks. They run into the Pilbara and Kimberley regions carting iron ore and lithium for road construction activities, in addition to their construction and minerals cartage for the mining sector.

“We are state-wide with what we do,” Theo says. “We do a lot of general oversize work with the quad-axle trailers, so internally we move all of our own machinery including 30- to 40-tonne excavators and loaders. We’ve got all the oversize permits in place, so we do whatever oversize transport opportunities arrive.”

Image: Consolidated Group.

With its drop deck units, Consolidated Group transports general freight as well as machinery on road train applications anywhere from Perth to the Pilbara or Kimberley regions. Venturing throughout some of Australia’s harshest environments, Theo says the combinations don’t let him down.

“They’ve been in the most demanding conditions and they’re performing very well,” he says. “We’re not getting any issues with them. They’re very reliable.”

Throughout the entire process, Theo says AAA Trailers has been very accommodating to his needs. Theo often specs some extra features on his trailers such as auto greasers, alloy rims and custom bin designs. In this area, the availability of parts has also served Consolidated Group well.

“Our trailers have standard running gear, standardised fittings and all the hydraulics, so it’s very easy to get access to any part if required,” Theo says. “Daniel has got a large amount of stock himself too, so if we’ve had operator damage or any issues, he’s assisted with parts in a very quick fashion which has been great.”

Pricing is another factor which Theo is very fond of AAA Trailers for.

“They come in at a cheaper price point, and you are still getting the quality factor,” he says. “There are no problems at all performance-wise, and it’s what I expect from AAA Trailers having experienced their high level of service.”

Going forward, Theo has plans to continue bringing in new equipment from AAA Trailers. A tri-axle drop deck, he reveals, is on the cards, as well as some more side tippers which will be dedicated to a worthy cause.

“We’ve organised a big, pink set of side tipper trailers for breast cancer awareness,” Theo says. “We’re going to link up with AAA Trailers to do a big launch day and we’ll raise money for breast cancer in that process.”

Looking back, Theo says he was always confident about leaning on AAA Trailers for such a large proportion of his fleet.

“We were looking to transition all of our old stock into new stock, and the service I originally experienced made my mind up,” he says. “That formed the relationship we have today. Without AAA Trailers and Daniel being able to pull that together, we’d be sitting here with no trailers.”

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