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Croplands calls on BPW Transpec for new sprayer range

In November of 2022, Croplands Equipment announced that it would be strengthening its manufacturing footprint with the acquisition of Western Australian sprayer manufacturer, Sonic Boomsprays.

The purchase followed the expansion of Croplands’ Adelaide manufacturing site, announced earlier in the year, and delivered additional capacity and operating efficiencies to meet the needs of Australian growers.

Sonic Boomsprays, having been established in 1955, has delivered time and time again on its aim to produce premium quality spraying equipment for the broadacre spraying industry. It has partnered with growers around the world to bring out the very best in its operations, and now a part of Croplands, it continues to offer sprayers fitted with cable-suspended hydraulic booms.

Since its inception in 1972, Croplands too has grown to become one of the most popular sprayer brands on the market, servicing the broadacre, horticulture, viticulture, tree crop, compact and home garden sectors. Now in its 52nd year of operations, Croplands Regional Manager, Scot Craig, says the company’s focus is the same as it was on day one – to provide customers with spraying solutions and customer support that delivers above and beyond expectations.

“We will continue to manufacture cutting-edge farming equipment,” he says. “It’s about bringing everything spraying to the farming community, keeping on top of what the local requirements are, and being able to supply that in a timely manner and to the required spec.

“Our position is to keep manufacturing out in the eastern Wheatbelt in the heart of where the community is. We want to be accessible and seen out there, so we will continue to be at the forefront of driving those products for those customers.”

The acquisition of Sonic Boomsprays had a positive impact on the Croplands business as a whole for many reasons. The deal brought several benefits to both of the companies, as well as opening up new opportunities for Croplands. One particular bonus, though, was Sonic Boomsprays’ pre-existing relationship with BPW Transpec.

Recognised industry-wide for its high-quality components, BPW Transpec had already been Sonic Boomsprays’ supplier for tandem axles and components for over 20 years. Now being led by Scot, he says it was an obvious decision to carry BPW Transpec’s products and services over to Croplands.

“BPW Transpec is a reputable brand in the industry, so we will continue our business with them,” he says. “We know that the products they build are over-engineered and are capable of handling our tough Australian conditions. We don’t have any issues with them, they get put on the machines and that’s where they stay for forever and a day.”

Over a year since the purchase of Sonic Boomsprays, Croplands’ trailed broadacre sprayers still feature BPW Transpec’s three-metre custom brake axles from its agricultural portfolio paired with parabolic mechanical suspension.

Croplands is also continuing this tradition with its new SB-13000 line of boom sprayers. BPW Transpec’s unbraked axles will continue to be specified on these units, while its heavy-duty airbag suspension will make its debut at Croplands.

BPW Transpec’s heavy-duty airbag suspension offers a comprehensive range of air suspensions designed to perform under various operating conditions and are the perfect fit for Croplands’ boom sprayers. The well-proven range is characterised by double-leaf 100mm wide trailing arm springs, heavy duty fabricated hangers, cable catch straps and large BPW Type 36 airbags.

A first example of the new SB-13000 sprayer has already been built. Scot explains that Croplands founder, Max Hebbermann, had already been working on the project with BPW Transport prior to the acquisition. Croplands and BPW Transpec will now bring it to life.

“It is something new for us, something we haven’t dabbled in,” he says. “We typically would have a parabolic leaf spring under our sprayers, but this is going to be on airbag suspension. I know Aaron Moore from BPW Transpec and the team have been working pretty closely to make sure that there will be all the required componentry and everything for that. It’s a big sprayer, so I’m looking forward to seeing it come off the line.”

The main differences in this model of boom sprayer compared to its predecessors is the tank size.

“Typically, the biggest tank that we previously manufactured up until this point was 8,000 litres,” Scot says. “So, this really drives that extra 5,000 litres into that sprayer.”

This is also seen in the SB-13000’s boom width. Prior to this model, Croplands’ sprayers were generally built to 36 metres. Whereas now, they will be able to be constructed up to 48.5 metres.

“So, purchasing Sonic Boomsprays has allowed us to add to our existing portfolio and broaden the range on what we had originally,” Scot says. “We’ve got a much larger capacity to offer our customers now.”

Image: Croplands Equipment.

The decision to pursue the BPW Transpec collaboration benefits Croplands throughout the entire manufacturing process. Scot says BPW Transpec is in regular contact with the team to make sure orders are placed on time, and that the product is always available when it is needed. While this, he explains, eliminates the potential for delays, it ultimately assures him that he made the right choice.

“Their service and support when required has been outstanding,” he says. “Being able to contact someone and have the information on hand ready to go is priceless.

“Aaron does a great job and is always happy to help with any enquiries, and our aftersales support load is low given the product type we deal in.

“If we ever need part numbers, some clarification, wheel bearings or whatever it may happen to be, Aaron’s the go-to. He gets straight back to you. I think as long as that continues, it will be a good partnership.”

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