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DAF XG On The Way

With the DAF XG on the way to the Australian Truck market, PowerTorque revisited our initial coverage of the XG+ written after our European Correspondent, Will Shiers, who test drove the new DAF range.

There is little doubt that one of the major talking points of the Brisbane Truck Show was the unveiling, by Paccar, of the DAF XG+. The new cabin was released in Europe in 2021, but it was the driveline which got everyone in Australia talking, an all new, lighter and more powerful engine from Cummins, the X15D, matched with the Eaton Endurant XD transmission, which has already shown, in the K220, that it is an AMT to match the European transmissions.

The other factor, leading to the excitement around the truck, is the design of the new cabin used in the XG+. This is a new design from the ground up and takes advantage of the new European regulations on dimensions and axle mass.

“Although the headline grabber has been the XG+ with its 12.5cu m of cab volume (which is palatial by European standards), the real story is arguably the new XF, which looks set to become the volume seller,” said Will. “Inside however, while everything is completely new, it’s still unmistakably DAF. That said, it all feels a little better built, helped by the use of more soft-touch plastics.

“Although the current four-spoke steering wheel is carried over, the button groupings have changed, with all speed controls moving to the left, and infotainment buttons on the right. This is all part of DAF’s ‘hands on the wheel, eyes on the road’ philosophy.

Image: Prime Creative Media

“It’s out with the old analogue dashboard, and in with a new 30cm digital version. It can be configured to either ‘modern’ or ‘classic’ modes, and provides drivers with as little or as much information as they require.

“From the driver’s seat, everything looks sleek and modern, the one exception being a pair of thick steering column-mounted stalks, which appear chunky and cumbersome in comparison.”

DAF’s designers set about improving visibility, the driver gets a clear view of the road, both ahead and to the sides. The front wrap-around windscreen is 33 per cent larger than on the current XF, the side windows are 15 per cent bigger, and the passenger windowsill is particularly low, providing a clear view towards the pavement.

The elements mentioned here are those almost certain to carry over into the XG+ for Australia and should work well for DAF. However, the new driveline is going to be all new and here at PowerTorque, we can’t wait to see what a 650hp Cummins X15D can do, with the Endurant XD Pro in behind it!


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