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Daimler announces 500hp Fuso for Australia

A 13-litre Fuso Shogun is set to arrive in Australia next month.

Producing a potent 510hp and 2500Nm, it will have a big torque advantage over the other Japanese trucks currently available in Australia.

In making the announcement this week Daimler Trucks confirmed the Shogun 510 will increase the breadth of the Fuso Shogun prime mover and rigid model range — a range that already includes 8-litre and 11-litre options.

Several years in the planning, the Shogun 510 was developed for Fuso Australia in response to requests from local customers for a true high-performance Japanese heavy duty B-Double capable truck.

The Daimler OM471 six-cylinder engine hits its maximum power at 1600rpm and its maximum torque is available from just 1100rpm for maximum driveability and efficiency according to the OEM.

A Daimler 12-spead fully automated transmission (AMT) is paired with the Daimler OM471.

The advanced six-cylinder unit, which features an asymmetric turbocharger, meets stringent Euro 6 emissions standards, well in advance of Australian regulations.

Fuso engineers have carried out extensive testing of the Shogun 510 since 2017, including an outback Australian test of an initial prototype, durability testing in South Africa and an additional production-ready test in Australia and New Zealand.

Further details will be made available closer to the Shogun 510 launch.

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