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Dana unveils e-mobility tech developments

US-based company, Dana Incorporated, is developing electric motors and inverters for battery-electric and fuel-cell vehicles.

The HV1000 and HV2500 models join the Dana TM4 SUMO HP family of products.

These motors and inverters are engineered to offer maximum flexibility, enabling direct-drive, series-hybrid or parallel-hybrid applications.

The technology is currently available to OEMs for testing and are scheduled for production in the first half of 2021.

“The demands of urban delivery trucks, city buses, longhaul trucks, and other high-power on- and off-highway vehicles require electrified solutions that meet their demanding duty cycles,” said Dana Senior Vice President of Electrification, Seth Metzger.

“A compelling combination of compact design and heavy-duty power, the TM4 SUMO HP series is precisely engineered to address the requirements of Class 6-8 commercial vehicles.”

The product is designed to allow OEMs to replace internal combustion-based components with a compact, highly efficient package that does not require major modifications. It can therefore be coupled to diesel engines, natural gas engines, and multi-speed transmissions, as well as integrated as part of an e-axle in heavy duty and off-highway applications.

Reaching up to 800 volts DC, Dana’s TM4 SUMO HP series offers up to 430 kW of continuous power and 540 kW of peak power, as well as a peak torque value of 2,500 Nm.

The series is reported to be 30 per cent lighter, delivers up to 65 per cent more continuous power and up to 45 per cent more peak power compared with other heavy duty electric powertrains.

It is also designed to match the efficiency map of an internal-combustion engine when used as a range extender and can reduce operating costs by more than 35 per cent when compared with a conventional diesel-powered vehicle.

The TM4 SUMO HP series features a new motor with compact concentric winding technology to deliver maximum torque density and leverages Dana’s proven internal permanent magnet technology for optimal efficiency and cost.

For the high-power version, the CO200 six-phase inverter has been upgraded with higher power and current output, as well as new connectors that improve ease of installation. This versatile and powerful inverter now delivers twice the power density at 23kW/kg up to 800 volts DC.

Last year, Dana agreed to purchase a portion of the thermal-management business of Modine Manufacturing Company’s automotive segment.

In October, Dana strengthened its electrification capabilities.

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