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Delivering the Gincor live bottom

Canadian trailer brand, Gincor Werx, manufactures a global market leading range of live bottom trailers – from three to eight axles.

For 40 years, the company has been making heavy haulage and specialised trailers that are built to last and capable of handling even the toughest applications. The design elements such as the heavy-duty main beams and cross-member construction, and the components used, are chosen specifically with longevity and ease-of-use in mind.

Leading Western Australia based trailer manufacturer, Allroads Transport Engineers, has now brought this trusted brand home. Gincor Werx’s live bottom trailer range complements Allroads’ product offering which includes walking floor trailers, side tippers, steel and aluminium end tippers, tri-axle and tandem dollies and six-axle dogs.

For 30 years the family-run business has been supplying trailers to suit different industries including mining, waste, roadworks, grain, farming and fertilising across Australia. Allroads has strategic partnerships with material and components suppliers like Capral, K Hitch, Transport Engineers, and Cargo Floors. It also has a range of trusted specialist suppliers for tarps, scales and remote-controlled componentry.

All trailer-manufacturing operations – from chassis building to paint work and fitting – are carried out at Allroads’ 1200 square-metre facility set on five acres in Albany. The site includes a bead blasting, a downdraft paint booth, plasma cutter, automatic welding stations, and overhead cranes. The company is currently expanding the facility to include two more paint booths and additional bays to accommodate increasing production.

Allroads exclusively owns the rights to purpose-built aluminium wall panels used in walking floors. The engineering team uses Solidworks’ application to customise trailers to suit specific road train specifications or other customer requirements. The Solidworks simulation program allows the team to replicate the life cycle of a trailer into the program which then gives an indication of whether there are any defects in the product or design. This allows the team to ensure that its trailers are made to last.

Speaking about the company’s 2022 partnership with Gincor Trailers, Allroads Transport Engineers Managing Director, Jack Spaanderman, says Gincor’s live bottom trailers offer a safer alternative to the local market. Equally importantly, the suspension is suited to meet Australian standards and road conditions.

“Live Bottom Trailers provide a safe alternative to tippers, virtually eliminating the chance of a tip-over,” he says.

“Utilising a horizontal interior conveyor belt system and allowing you to unload at a controlled pace means you can safely unload materials.

“The versatility of the trailer allows product to be unloaded on uneven ground, indoors, under low structures and overhead power lines and in any weather condition. The insulated sidewalls allow hot mix products to be transported great distances while maintaining their optimum temperature. This is imperative when you may have one asphalt plant covering hundreds of kilometres of works across the state.”

Although Gincor’s live bottom trailers are a perfect fit for the asphalt transport sector, the range is versatile for all heavy applications such as mining materials, gravel, sand, agricultural products – as well as fresh produce and fertilisers.

From a technical and design perspective, the Gincor Live Bottom trailer range includes cutting-edge features. For example, the Gincor 61° V-shaped hopper reduces bridging and build up, and allows for easier clean up. The trailer body is made using 1/8” Hardox 450, and features aluminium side wall sheeting, premium fibre strand moisture resistant insulation, and chain inspection door on each side. The Hardox 450 high tensile wear plate offers superior wear resistance and a lower tare weight.

The Gincor conveyor system includes a 915mm wide belt supported by two 101.6mm pitch 31,750 kg x 2 (63,000 kg) tensile strength roller chains running on continuous guides. The belt itself is heat, oil and chemical resistant. The chains are connected using 25.4mm x 51mm x 3.2mm steel tubes every second link on which belting is fastened to. Two 178mm x 13mm UHMW support runners cover the full length of the conveyor, thereby providing complete support to all cross tubes.

The conveyor is driven by a dual planetary drive system that provides even torque to rear drive shaft. Hydraulic motors are controlled by a valve block with variable speed: unload high pressure relieve valve pre-set for unloading, and low-pressure relief valve set for reversing the load. The air operated tailgate with a remote system helps control the flow of the product. The Gincor conveyor system eliminates the need for the truck to regulate the working pressure.

The team at Allroads is there to support customers with any after-sales queries, and the company has authorised agents across Australia that offer service, repair and warranty claims.

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