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Delta Hydraulics founder firm on Australian made products

The picturesque town of Devonport in Tasmania is nestled on the shores where the Bass Strait and the Mersey River meet and has been home to John White’s hydraulics business for 45 years.

While some might consider this an isolated spot to be, John is, none-the-less, well aware of what is going on in the world and in turn, the importance of buying Australian made products.

The war in the Ukraine and the fallout from Covid-19 has him keeping an eye on the industry and the effects they have on both the logistics and transport business.

Experts have warned the conflict could have significant effects on supply chains, particularly those that rely on specific transportation routes and suppliers. Companies have been told in the past that they may need to adapt to changing conditions and seek alternative strategies. 

John believes the best strategy is to invest at home. 

“When there is trouble abroad, we need more than ever to keep our country strong,” says the founder and Managing Director of Delta Hydraulics, which designs and manufactures high-quality cylinders and manifolds for the likes of mining, transport, waste management and agricultural applications.

“If more local transport equipment manufactures supported the Australian product, then the increased volumes would allow investment in best practise technology and inevitably keep the local product prices down.”

Keeping on top of advances in technology has kept the former fitter and turner, and Delta Hydraulics, at the top of its game, becoming an industry leading innovator and manufacturer with a particular talent for telescopic and hydraulic cylinders.

Its in-house design, engineering and end-to-end manufacturing capabilities enable the company to provide rapid and flexible work from a one-off project, through to high production volume orders.

John would like to see the success of Delta Hydraulics as well as other Aussie manufacturers continue despite whatever global conflicts arise. 

“Praise should be given to who are faithfully supporting the local product whenever they can,” he says. “We just need the rest of the industry to do the same. Now, more than ever, we should be putting money back into our economy and investing in Australian producers and manufacturers.”  

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