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Digital solution for better road network access

To progress a safer, more efficient and productive industry that continues to meet the demands of Australia’s growing freight task, we must continue to invest in our digital capabilities.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and state authorities are working together to deliver a single national network map and fully digitising and automating access management. 

Our goal is to work with road managers to shift the focus away from managing permits, to managing and delivering a safe and economic network on a single national map.

This solution will support a move to more access being provided under notice and address key challenges faced by the industry, such as manual processing times, routing issues and outdated platforms unable to keep up with the rapid network changes. 

The single national automated map will replace the current multiple state-based maps and deliver one single source of truth of the legally enforceable network – improving the ability to plan cross border journeys and providing improved compliance certainty for industry.

Dynamic routing in the NHVR Portal will allow drivers to enter their vehicle dimensions to “snap” them onto a preferred route.

The map will be accessed through the NHVR Portal that has become a single-entry point for the heavy vehicle services – including accreditation, PBS, access permits, compliance and registration information. 

The enhanced platform will allow for immediate approval of pre-approved routes that represent networks already assessed by the road managers as an interim step before gazetting networks. The new feature will instantly add the route to an operators permit as soon as the access application is submitted, ultimately reducing permit turnaround times and provide improved certainty for industry.

Supporting pre-approved routes is the ability for road managers to build networks and update network data in real time on one platform – meaning access conditions can be changed by the click of a button. This will allow networks to be planned, managed and published in the one location.

The solution will provide road managers with a national database of the capacity of local government assets and a digital Asset Rapid Assessment Tool (ARAT).  

The ARAT will assess bridge capability for heavy vehicles in a matter of minutes, to provide near instant assessment results for road managers and industry.

The NHVR Portal will also provide operators with their full fleet of vehicle configurations from the NHVR heavy vehicle database and will automatically match assembled vehicles with up to date, dynamically generated networks. 

Operators and drivers will be able to choose their preferred route specific to vehicles and the access options available. We look forward to providing further updates as we continue to invest, unlock and deliver digital capabilities that enhances the safety and productivity of the heavy vehicle industry. 

Industry benefits of the NHVR national approach:  

• Single national heavy vehicle access map

• Dynamically generated network maps 

• Instant view of the current access arrangements 

• Self-serve tools for the road managers to build, manage and publish their networks 

• Fully automated heavy vehicle access under notice 

Sal Petroccitto is CEO of National Heavy Vehicle Regulator


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