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Dixon expands tanker product range

Dixon has been working on its new detent style API Adaptor with the assistance of its international engineering, design and development team.

The API Adaptor, featuring an aluminium body and anodised hard coat aluminium nose ring, is equipped with Baylast seals, stainless steel hardware and a removable aluminium handle with finger grips, ensuring optimal functionality and ease of use. An optional nylon sight glass further adds to its versatility.

Dixon says the design will provide years of trouble-free service in most applications. However, where maintenance is required, the process is simplified as the nose cone and poppet can be serviced without removing the adaptor from the tanker.

Dixon API Adaptor. Image: Dixon Asia Pacific.

The detent action design, created to accommodate the preference of the Asia Pacific market, saw the collaboration of Dixon’s United States, Canadian and Australian engineering departments, headed by Troy Wheatland, Engineering and Quality Manager – Australia.

According to Dixon, its US and Canadian engineers found great satisfaction in contributing to the development of this detent version, marking their first experience with such a design.

“Having the opportunity to develop a new product for a market across the globe is an amazing opportunity,” says US Dixon Innovation Centre Design Engineer, Justin Yerkie. “Getting to learn and understand the subtle differences in how Dixon’s products may be used in other countries is rewarding.”

Justin says that although collaborating across hemispheres wasn’t easy at times, the use of modern technologies as well as meetings around the clock saw the team get the job done.

“I am excited to see Dixon’s new products reach these markets and hope to see them in person in the future,” he says.

Over the past few years, Dixon has been on a relentless journey to enhance its offerings, introducing several new regionalised products to its already extensive range. These products are not just additions but significant enhancements to its fuel tanker package.

Among the latest releases are Dixon’s TTMA Sightglasses which were designed to provide clear visibility and ensure safe operations. Additionally, Dixon now offers emergency information panels (EIP) tailored for both bitumen and hydrocarbon fuels, prioritising safety and regulatory compliance.

Dixon has also introduced a vapour recovery elbow, straight drop adaptor and actuated TTMA butterfly valves, each engineered to streamline operations and optimise efficiency. These components exemplify Dixon’s dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Furthermore, Dixon has expanded its portfolio to include fuel delivery and vapour recovery composite hose assemblies, offering versatile and reliable solutions for various applications. These assemblies adhere to and comply with relevant industry standards.

“Whether it’s developing new products to enhance safety, efficiency or compliance, or refining existing offerings to better align with customer preferences, our goal is always to provide value-added solutions that help our customers thrive in a competitive market environment,” says Dixon Business Development Manager for tanker products, Peter Larsen. “Through collaboration and our commitment to constant evolution, we ensure that Dixon remains a trusted partner for our customers, capable of meeting their needs today and into the future.”

Dixon places importance on providing value-added services, exceptional customer support, technical assistance and thorough training to ensure that customers have timely access to the most suitable products. Its dedicated sales support team comprises a national network of sales representatives with over 25 years of expertise in offering product guidance and recommendations within the transport industry.

With a distribution footprint consisting of warehouses strategically located across the country, Dixon can also ensure swift access to products whenever and wherever they are needed. Its real-time inventory control and extensive experience in demand tracking enhances timely dispatch and delivery, ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently.

To further complement its comprehensive fuel tanker package, Dixon is currently in the process of developing new products in collaboration with its international divisions which are scheduled for launch in late 2024 and 2025.

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