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Driving efficiency with MyTrucking and V-DAQ integration

MyTrucking has taken its quest for simplicity, value and productivity even further with its recent integration with V-DAQ for its Australian customers – driving efficiency with MyTrucking and V-DAQ integration.


MyTrucking is a simple, cloud-based Transport Management programme for small to medium-sized transport businesses. They have partnered with Australia’s fastest-growing regulatory telematic provider, V-DAQ. V-DAQ offers simple and cost-effective solutions for compliance with heavy vehicle regulations.

“This integration allows our customers to easily and quickly track their vehicles in real-time from within the MyTrucking platform,” said Paul Fenech, co-founder at V-DAQ.

With beginnings and a business philosophy not unlike MyTrucking, V-DAQ was created to challenge outdated telematics solutions and provide a better way for transport operators to meet their regulatory telematics requirements.

“We are looking forward to collaborating further with the MyTrucking team to explore innovative ways of leveraging our tracking and onboard weighing data in the future. We can’t wait to see what possibilities lie ahead!”, said Fenech.

A match made in heaven

MyTrucking provides customers with effective tools to aid in the productivity and bottom line of their businesses. The MyTrucking and V-DAQ integration aligns with the values and core drivers of both companies.

“We’ve got lots of mutual customers with V-DAQ so it was a perfect fit for us to integrate with them. V-DAQ share similar values to ours, which was another reason we were keen to partner with them,” said Sara Orsborn, Founder at MyTrucking.

Reap the benefits of this innovative integration

Together, MyTrucking and V-DAQ can help customers improve cash flow, deliver a better service to customers and keep track of their assets in real-time Other benefits include:

Essential live and historical vehicle tracking
Compliant with TMZ, RIM and Smart OBM for HML and PBS combinations.
A range of features and integrations
Simple for drivers and fleets

“MyTrucking’s recent integration with V-DAQ is another innovative step forward towards simplicity by two top-quality providers,” said Jeremy Horne from Horne Ag, NSW.

Take MyTrucking for a test drive with their two-week free trial or book a demo offer.


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