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E-Plas to launch new tipper lining range

E-Plas has always possessed the ability to provide high-quality and lasting liners for truck and trailer combinations which stand the test of time.

Its classic Quicksilver range, the ultimate state-of-the-art industrial strength UHMW-PE continuous liner, for example, has shown to be a real game changer when used with end tippers, side tippers and for quick-release applications by eliminating a number of problems for operators.

That being said, E-Plas, in partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM), is unveiling a brand-new option destined for Australia which has already been proven and demonstrated in the international market throughout Europe and the United States.

Quicksilver Heavy Duty, as the name suggests, is for high-demanding operations and it builds on the expertise behind the classic Quicksilver product to join the E-Plas line up offering operators another quality solution.

“We’re now targeting a heavy duty and abrasive market where aluminium trucks or steel bodies cannot handle the wear,” says E-Plas National Technical Sales Specialist, Rupin Joshi. “We are looking at combinations that are doing more trips than usual for more improved increased weight properties. If you’ve got an application where wear is the issue because of the number of trips completed or the abrasiveness of the material used, that’s where Quicksilver Heavy Duty will come in. Stocks will be available in the very near future.”

Quicksilver Heavy Duty is available in 12mm-thick coils and is best suited for sand, gravel, rock, recycled glass and construction rubble applications which require eight or more trips per day. For applications that require less loads, Quicksilver classic, also supplied in 12mm-thick coils, remains a perfect choice.

The Heavy Duty floor liner also has a very distinctive lime green colour.

“Its high-visibility properties make it a real stand-out and like its sister product,” Rupin says. “It’s incredibly tough, and it tips and cleans like a dream. It’s an effortless solution.”

Quicksilver Heavy Duty was developed four years ago by MCAM in the United States. The international company was founded in 1996, and with its expertise in the field, it saw the need to add to the Quicksilver range with an option dedicated to abrasive bulk materials.

“We developed it in the US and for those reasons,” says MCAM European Sales and Marketing Manager, Uwe Hubbert. “We felt we needed a new material with a longer life when it comes to wear.”

According to Uwe, the first customer that bought the Heavy Duty material replaced a steel wear liner and the results were phenomenal.

Upon the implementation of Quicksilver Heavy Duty in fleets around Australia, Rupin says the biggest benefit will be increased wear life.

“They will get very low carry-back and improved life for the wear liner,” he says. “The benefits are similar to the Quicksilver classic, the benefit of Quicksilver Heavy Duty is the much improved wear capacity.”

According to Uwe, the advantages will also apply to OEMs.

“It actually gives body builders new opportunities because they can actually build a lighter truck with a thinner floor,” he says. “The Heavy Duty material will take care of all the wear that is not then on the thin aluminium floor, and it will also take care of the unloading of all the sticky materials.”

Image: E-Plas.

MCAM has been supplying to E-Plas ever since the plastic specialist first arrived in the market. It began with polyethylene sheets and fabricated parts, and to this day, it still remains a key part of E-Plas’ operations.

“We were supplying to E-Plas back in the ‘90s and we’re still making the same products,” Uwe says. “We started supplying polyethene sheet and fabricated parts out of Australia in Warriewood, New South Wales. So, there’s a long history between both companies.”

“E-Plas has been with Mitsubishi as loyal partners for many years now,” Rupin says. “We’ve always worked with MCAM when it comes to UHMW-PE linings like Quicksilver and TIVAR 88. It’s the absolute quality of material, shared knowledge and solid support network that has benefitted E-Plas over decades of partnership. For us, PE linings do not exist without MCAM at E-Plas.”

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