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Electrical replacements made easy with Lucidity

One of the most overlooked components on a trailer set are arguably parts of the electrical system, especially if there is a quality system fitted.

These components tend to give operators many years of trouble-free running. A lamp may need to be replaced here and there, but the electrical system essentially does its job day in and day out, until it needs replacing. This is where Lucidity Australia comes in.

Lucidity has developed the OMP series of sockets for trucks and trailers, which are the only modular sockets specifically designed for the Australian market. As opposed to most standard sockets which are wired in using screws, Lucidity’s sockets plug into harnesses like a connector. And according to Lucidity Australia President, Mathew Jenkins, you don’t need any electrical experience to complete a socket replacement using its systems.

“Not only is the socket easy to replace, but the design of the socket lends itself to being one of the longer lasting products on the market,” he says. “The terminals are actually moulded into the housing, so they will not fall back into the socket as they wear because the terminal’s undercut prevents it from ever happening.”

According to Mathew, the silicone seal between the socket and the harness means the copper leading into the trailer never degrades. This is vital to the longevity of the overall cable solution too. With there being a lot expected from an electrical socket, he says most people don’t realise it is a wearing part that requires regular maintenance and replacement, much like a wheel bearing.

“Electrical plugs and sockets endure all sorts of elements from mechanical wear to moisture and water causing corrosion,” he says. “Many people still think they can keep them going with some electrical tape and a piece of wire. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case in a lot of instances, until the day the tape ultimately comes away and the entire show stops.”

In this event, Mathew says operators can be set up for further unnecessary costs.

“Had the replacement been done in the workshop or at the yard, it would have cost the sum of the socket and your labour,” he says. “Now you are hit with an expensive call out from an auto electrician to replace something worth a few dollars. So not only are you now late for delivering your goods, but your also up for a hefty bill.

“Having the correct service item attitude to even the cheapest and smallest component of a trailer will always keep you going longer and cost you less in repairs. And even selecting the correct system at the time of purchase of your trailer will ultimately help you in making down time very short.”

By using Lucidity OMP systems as part of your trailer service intervals, you can complete a socket replacement yourself in a timely matter. To get started, simply pull the socket assembly forward from the mounting position and slide the protective rubber sleeve back. Then, locate the connector interface and locking ring and turn it clockwise to unlock it.

Once the old socket is removed and disposed, it is recommended to check the connector for any signs of corrosion or damage – and to clean it if required. Then, apply some good quality dielectric grease to each terminal without contaminating it with dirt or foreign materials.

Once this is done, locate the three alignment markings on the socket and wire harness, line them up so they are co-linear, firmly push the socket onto the harness assembly and turn the locking ring anti-clockwise until it locks into position. Now all you have to do is refit the socket assembly to the original mounting position and the job is done.  

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