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EPA fines dangerous goods transporter for signage breach

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has fined a dangerous goods transport company for not appropriately supervising one of its drivers to ensure safe and lawful transportation of dangerous goods.

In December 2020 during the afternoon peak a member of the public observed a petrol tanker, operated by Days Logistics, on Sydney’s Bradfield Highway without carrying the proper warnings and notified the EPA.

An EPA investigation found the tanker was carrying petrol at the time, however the driver had not used the correct warning signs.

The tanker was instead displaying the words “combustible liquid”, indicating it was not carrying dangerous goods.

NSW EPA Executive Director Regulatory Operations Steve Beaman said the company had not given their driver sufficient training or supervision.

“Companies transporting bulk dangerous goods need to do everything they can to prevent high risk behaviour from drivers. It is not enough to hand a driver a manual and a delivery address and let them loose with a petrol tanker,” said Beaman.

“With incorrect signage on the vehicle, emergency services and the public have no idea of the danger of fire or explosion from the flammable liquid in the event of an incident.”

The company has subsequently been fined $4000.

Transport companies need to ensure dangerous goods are transported safely and lawfully the EPA said in a statement.

“Their drivers should also be trained to use the correct routes for the goods they are carrying,” said Beaman.

The EPA suggests Dangerous Goods transport companies can prevent their drivers from using prohibited routes by a number of actions including using GPS monitoring which can include “geofencing” prohibited routes and by providing specific training on prohibited routes and what action to take if a driver has mistakenly found themselves on a prohibited route

In addition to the $4,000 fine issued to Days Logistics, the driver was fined $400 for displaying false and misleading signage.

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