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ERH takes delivery of Kenworth K200 quad-axle semis

Cold carrier, ERH Refrigerated Transport, has added to its ever-growing fleet of heavy vehicles with several new Kenworth K200s.

The vehicles are specified for 56-pallet steerable quad-axle fridge pans and will operate up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia.

The configurations have been specifically designed for ERH, as a more efficient alternative to the B-double application which it began moving away from in 2014.

These quad-axle semi-trailers boast a payload capacity of 28,500kg.

For the purposes of cold chain road transport between Melbourne and Sydney, semi-trailers can save each driver around 20 hours of work time weekly when compared to B-doubles, having removed the need to uncouple and recouple.

The Kenworth K200s are powered by a Cummins ISX 550hp engine running through an Eaten Ultra Shift and Meritor 46.160 axles.

“Kenworth is the predominant marque in our fleet with over 50 currently in service,” says Rupert Smith, ERH Refrigerated Transport Director.

“There were four K200s delivered in total,” he said.

The vehicles come courtesy of the Hallam Truck Centre dealership in Melbourne.

Smith said the main obstacles for transport businesses at the minute, were more or less the same as every year.

“Rising costs, inflationary pressure — all just magnified by the power of 100 this year.”

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