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Fifty years of driving customer success: PACCAR Parts

PACCAR Parts marks its 50th anniversary of distributing truck, trailer and engine aftermarket products.

“PACCAR Parts is thrilled to celebrate this 50-year milestone,” said Laura Bloch, PACCAR Parts General Manager and PACCAR Vice President, Laura Bloch.

“The success of our division is due to the outstanding contributions of our employees and dealers who deliver exceptional support for our customers every day.”

PACCAR Parts’ first parts distribution Centre opened in 1973 in Renton, Washington, and paved the way for additional facilities across the US and then the world.

Today, PACCAR Parts operates 18 parts distribution centres on four continents.

Damian Smethurst, General Manager of PACCAR Parts Australia,” said: “Here in Australia we have two parts distribution centres, located in Brisbane and Bayswater VIC, and 60 dealers who are loaded with over $120 million of spare parts inventory. Our dealers are dedicated to supporting the more than 50,000 Kenworth and DAF trucks currently registered in Australia.”

As PACCAR Parts parts distribution centres have developed to improve the customer experience, the global dealership networks expanded from approximately 180 locations in 1973 to more than 2,300 locations today.

These investments by PACCAR Parts and Kenworth, Peterbilt, and DAF dealerships have reportedly improved access to product, reduced lead time and increased opportunities for service.

“No one is better located and qualified to support your fleet of trucks and trailers than PACCAR Parts and the PACCAR Dealer network,” said Smethurst.

“And that support continues to expand every year via our growing number of TRP Parts and Service locations. There are now 14 TRP stores across Australia and New Zealand that are making it even easier for you to access the right parts and service you need to support you fleet.”

In conjunction with strong suppliers and business partners, PACCAR Parts’ customer-centric employees have introduced innovative service-driven programs to increase
vehicle uptime and satisfaction. Currently, the PACCAR Parts 365 Centre and Fleet Services programs maximise time on the road for fleets and provide technical support to keep vehicles in operation.

The programs support more than 2,400 commercial fleets operating more than 1.3 million vehicles.

PACCAR Parts’ global e-commerce program, Online Parts Counter (OPC), allows customers 24/7 online access to more than 1.5 million aftermarket parts.

“We are proud that our tradition of being a world-class provider and a trusted partner is 50 years strong,” said Bloch. “We’re already looking ahead to expanding new
technology and exemplary service support for our customers in the 50 years to come.”

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