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Followmont celebrates delivery of 200th UD truck

Queensland-based carrier and logistics company, Followmont Transport, have taken delivery of their latest UD Truck, the 200th from the Japanese marque.

The bright red UD Croner 6×2 comes with a set of curtains to match with a gradient fade.

At an event held at Volvo Group Australia (VGA) corporate headquarters in Wacol, key leaders from the two companies gathered together to talk about the past, present and future.

Followmont Transport CEO Mark Tobin, VGA President and CEO Martin Merrick along with UD Trucks Vice President, Lauren Downs and Mack Vice President, Tom Chapman, held a discussion panel airing views on the transport industry, its evolution and what it might look like in the future.

A Volvo FHXXL was also on display, marking another milestone, that of 300 truck sales made by VGA to Followmont.

The event, according to Tobin, as well as the two trucks symbolised an incredible partnership between the brands.

“It started off as a supply and demand need to one which has flourished over the decades to become one which is built off of trust and transparent communication,” he said.

“Both organisations know each other’s businesses and we work together to not only contribute but to strengthen the transport industry as a whole,” continued Tobin.

“Whilst our values are aligned, the frequent and open communication has assisted to remove the anxiety out of the curveballs our industry has faced whether it be natural disasters, the pandemic or the current recruitment strain.”

Staffing struggles, at present, impacting the industry were occasion for Followmont to reiterate the vast opportunities the evolving industry still can provide workers.

“Whatever your background, age or ethnicity, there is a place for you within transport and we are an industry which cares and accepts you as one of the family,” said Tobin.

Merrick, who also spoke during the panel, said celebrating customer success was a key part of who Volvo Group Australia is.

“Marking milestones such as this with such a valued customer makes us very proud to have played a part in that success,“ he said.

“We don’t just sell trucks, we forge meaningful partnerships that are ultimately based on trust and integrity and I’m delighted to see a family business like Followmont Transport continue to flourish”

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