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Followmont Transport deploys new Vawdrey PBS B-double

Followmont Transport has expanded its fleet with the delivery of a Vawdrey Performance-Based Standards (PBS) B-double combination.

Working closely with Vawdrey, the new trailer was purpose-built to match Followmont’s unique requirements.

Followmont Transport Managing Director, Mark Tobin, told Trailer the new PBS B-double trailer joins a fleet designed for specific operational needs, providing greater opportunities for customers and optimising logistics capabilities.

“Our investment in the PBS B-double trailer is about delivering value-driven solutions while minimising our carbon footprint,” he said.

With this latest addition, Followmont boasts a total of six PBS combinations – each strategically positioned to enhance operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

“These trailers not only align with our sustainability strategy but also offer increased load capacity, allowing us to serve our customers more effectively while reducing the number of vehicles on the road,” Tobin said.

Followmont Transport COO, Ross Longmire, said the several Vawdrey PBS trailers are in operation on approved routes across the fleet’s network.

“We have two 26-pallet trailers and prime movers strategically located in Emerald, Queensland, to service a prominent mine site, and in Sydney for operations in Dubbo,” he told Trailer.

“Additionally, there are two 40-pallet A-doubles operating nightly in Sydney to meet high-demand logistics requirements.

“Completing the lineup are two 42-pallet quad quad B-doubles servicing Rockhampton, Queensland.”

The PBS B-double trailers reflect Followmont’s ongoing commitment to innovation, safety and environmental responsibility.

With these trailers, Followmont aims to streamline its operations, reduce emissions and contribute to a greener future for the industry.

In other news, Transport Women Australia Limited has released the program for its 2024 Living the Dream Conference.

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