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Followmont Transport purchases anniversary edition Kenworth K200s

A pair of Diamond Edition Kenworth K200s have been delivered to leading logistics outfit Followmont Transport.

The Brisbane-based fleet now has 25 Kenworth K200s with the latest additions commemorated the 75 year history of truck dealer Brown and Hurley Group.

Featuring a 550hp rated Cummins X15, the new vehicles have been assigned to daily operations between Brisbane and Sydney working out of the respective depots.

As the trucks have only just begun linehaul duties pulling B-doubles the respective drivers for each vehicle have not had a chance to offer an evaluation, however, the team is excited about the new additions judging from the response on social media and around the depot according to Followmont Transport Managing Director and CEO Mark Tobin.

Being the 75th Anniversary Diamond Edition K200, according to Tobin, presented an opportunity to be part of something special.

“When Jimmy Boler from Brown and Hurley Brisbane mentioned the 75th Anniversary Diamond Edition’s, I did not hesitate and took two straight away,” he said.

“Kenworths are durable, they last through the toughest of circumstances and withstand any weather condition which is imperative in a business where our fleet often runs through some of the most rural roads in Australia,” said Tobin.

“They never fail and it helps that they look great too. Our relationship with the Brown and Hurley families has only strengthened over the last 20 years given their key values are aligned and mirrored to ours, as well as their high level of service.

“These are just a couple of the reasons that we can trust the trucks they place in our yards will get the job done and keep our team coming home safe each night.”

Many interstate freight operators have had to adapt to conditions brought about by heavy rain events effecting NSW and Queensland.

Several of Followmont’s services were impacted by recent flooding in NSW and Queensland.

With so many key roads in its network forced to close, the team worked across the network to ensure deliveries were still fulfilled where it was safe to do so.

“We put the focus on our NSW team and linehaul drivers being safe. They were instructed to not enter water locked roads and were to work with management on any issues as they came up to find alternate options,” Tobin said.

“Being in the transport industry means that we will always have some sort of impact when it comes to weather and the unpredictability it brings, particularly within North Queensland and now our NSW region, however we adapt and work together to get the job done whilst keeping everyone safe,” he said.

“Initially our Far North Queensland team were impacted by the cyclone and then NSW team by the floods, however everyone pulled together and made it work to have our services back to normal.

“On a side note we are now looking at how we can help those impacted by the floods, whether it’s charity freight distribution to those in need or assisting our own team members that may have had their homes impacted.”

Jim Boler, Brown and Hurley Group with Mark Tobin, Followmont Transport Managing Director & CEO.
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