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Freestone’s delivers side by side with Vawdrey

For more than 30 years Paul Freestone has invested in Vawdrey trailers.

“We’ve been dealing with Vawdrey forever, it goes back to the 1980s, something like that,” he says. “Back in the day we had a lot of local manufacturers, and I guess because of that we went with Vawdrey. Then it kind of rolled on from there. We chose Vawdrey because of their specialised building, too, and today we have a lot of specialised trailers which Vawdrey have done a fantastic job on.”

Freestone’s Transport has been known as a very reliable supporter of Vawdrey trailing equipment over the years, and Paul explains that he and his business have always had a constant order with Vawdrey due to high freight demand.

The latest order to join the fleet are Vawdrey Iceliners in road train configurations with dolly.

“They’re a great family business, we go back a long time,” he says. “It’s great to deal with a company that really cares about its clients – they really go that extra yard. The salespeople are fantastic, they know the business back-to-front and they make it happen, especially in these times with the amount of trailers that have been ordered. When you’ve got good people like that on the ground it just makes life easy for us, that’s for sure.”

Paul’s list of Vawdrey additions includes dry freight vans, Titeliners, double drop decks and mezz decks, which he has constantly been pleased with upon every delivery.

“We’ve had no problems at all with them,” he says.

“Performance-Based Standards (PBS) these days is such a big thing and working with the guys at Vawdrey is just fantastic, because we run a lot of PBS configurations. They’re great, they manufacture I think nine trailers a day and that’s fantastic, when you think about it.

“Vawdrey’s family owned and because of that, they’ve got a culture over there and that personal touch. Plus, they’re a quality company – the product is just designed and built for what we need it for.

“We need something that isn’t going to break, and that’s what we get. They’re pretty good gear.”

Fast fact
Freestone’s Transport is responsible for carrying freight for some of Australia’s largest logistics and freight companies such as FedEx, Border Express, DHL and Cope.

Fast fact
Vawdrey’s Iceliner is a refrigerated semi-trailer build which typically features BPW suspension, double loader full freezer spec and mesh chrome alloy wheels. It comes in full chassis road train specification and can be approved for Performance-Based Standards (PBS) applications.

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