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Gearing up

Five years since arriving in the Australian market with just one branch, TR Group now covers most of the country with a fleet of over 2,500 trailers ranging from skels to A-doubles, Performance-Based Standards (PBS) combinations, WA road train side tippers and everything in between – as well as 500-plus prime movers and rigids.

Across New Zealand and Australia, it has a fleet of over 8,500 total assets.

“We focus on anybody that needs a trailer, prime mover, or a rigid to rent for one day through to three or five years, or however long they want to rent it for,” says TR Group National Maintenance Manager, Rian Alexander. “From there, there is the potential to move onto a lease category as well.”

Three years ago, in the middle of its national growth phase, TR Group introduced Fuwa K Hitch into its fleet. It started by specifying Fuwa K Hitch axles on its new trailers, and as the company began to replace equipment inherited through purchasing fleets, it specified Fuwa K Hitch on these new assets as well.

“We’ve fitted Fuwa K Hitch’s KF22TP drum brake axles onto 90 per cent of the new build gear,” Rian says. “This was due to the quality and reliability of the Fuwa K Hitch product.”

Fuwa K Hitch’s KF22TP drum brake axles are now standard across the board at TR Group. Having a simple, ‘no-hassle’ axle, Rian says, makes life easier for everybody.

“Having parallel bearings, it just makes everything easier when we’ve got different trailers being serviced around the country,” he says.

TR Group now specifies Fuwa K Hitch at an OEM level.

“We go for Fuwa K Hitch axles, and that’s simply because of the ease of purchasing when we’re buying a lot,” Rian says. “The availability of them and their service maintenance schedules align with what we’re doing for the rest of our fleet. So, it makes it very simple when we set them up in our maintenance system because they align with the trailer servicing and truck servicing that we do. They fit into the same service plan.”

Having parts available on the shelf, Rian says, is also a huge bonus.

“Touch wood that we don’t need them, but we do know they are there if required,” he says.

According to Rian, Fuwa K Hitch’s customer service has also played a major role in the success of TR Group’s expanding operations.

“The backup support we’ve had from Fuwa K Hitch is fantastic,” he says. “If we’ve got any questions or anything we need from them, they are more than happy to come down to where they are being serviced and have a look at them.

“If we’ve got an issue, they’re the first ones that will always answer the phone and will always get back to us. If there’s something they can’t answer, they will speak to the team and come back with the information that we require. They’re more than happy to be there for us.”

As a rental lease company with vehicles all around Australia, TR Group over-services its gear as it is often unsure when its equipment will come back. That being said, with the Fuwa K Hitch axles it is running at the moment (the oldest ones having done over 500,000 kilometres), Rian says there haven’t been any issues.

“The reason we buy them is simply because of their reliability, from what we’ve heard and with the research we’ve done,” he says. “We don’t know where our gear will go. It could run on highways up the east coast, or it could end up through Adelaide heading into mines in the middle of nowhere on the dirt outback roads. So, to have one axle that is capable of handling all conditions, it’s very favourable for what we’re trying to achieve.”

Image: TR Group.

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