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Gender diversity affects emissions targets: Report

A report has found that a lack of gender diversity in the workforce and leadership is undermining net zero carbon targets in transport.

A study by the International Transport Forum, supported by Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Foundation, examined linkages between gender equality, transport and climate change to better understand the development of policies that can achiever both gender equality and decarbonising transport goals by 2050.

The report identified that a consistent approach to incorporating a gender dimension into decarbonising transport policies and improving the gender balance in the workforce would have a significant impact.

It sets out four groups of guiding principles, which include capacity building, knowledge management and communication; gender balance, participation and women’s leadership; implementation; monitoring and reporting.

Specific actions accompany each principle for countries and companies to improve gender equality and decarbonising transport measures simultaneously.

ITF Secretary-General, Young Tae Kim, said the report brings a pragmatic understanding of how the industry has improved gender equality.

“We cannot address climate change without decarbonising transport and we cannot make our mobility sustainable without addressing the gender imbalance in how we design and use transport,” he said.

“Under my instruction, we analyse all our work at ITF to ensure the most inclusive approach and result possible.

“It is my great hope that this will become the norm worldwide. We are all in this together; we all stand to benefit.”

FIA Foundation Deputy Director, Sheila Watson, said the organisation was privileged to support the report.

“The FIA Foundation is delighted to support this exciting new research with the International Transport Forum to consider the extent to which the vital process of transport decarbonisation and gender are interlinked,” she said.

“This report highlights the clear message that unless there is meaningful gender representation throughout the transport sector, in employment, planning systems, and disaggregated data, then our transport systems will fail us all.”

In other news, the Australian Government is funding over $34.8 million towards projects targeting heavy vehicle safety and productivity.

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