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Getting the Message Out

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s ‘We All Need Space’ campaign reaches over eight million users, getting the message out about heavy vehicle safety, writes Michelle Tayler, Executive Director, Corporate Affairs, NHVR.

To continue to protect and support the safety of operators, drivers, and everyone on our roads, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has continued to promote our road safety campaign “We Need Space” to enhance heavy vehicle safety messaging. I’m excited to share that our latest phase of We Need Space, aptly titled We ALL Need Space, has been a huge success.

This latest phase featured the faces of popular celebrities to help spread the word that whether you’re a comedian, musician, athlete, truck driver, car motorist, cyclist or pedestrian, we all need space to stay safe on our roads.

I’m enormously proud to say that to date our ‘We All Need Space’ campaign has reached over 8 million people across Australia through our partnerships with key Australian icons.

The first celebrity we partnered with was renowned Aussie comedian and social media personality, Jimmy Rees. He was able to share videos in his signature point of view style; a humorous take on the family road trip, young driver’s attitude after first receiving their Provisional (P) licence, and the habits of caravanners, all whilst highlighting how these groups, and everyone, can drive safely around trucks.

Our next partnership was with Glenn ‘Yogi’ Kendall, a popular truckie from Western Australia who joined the campaign to share what a truckie wants light vehicle drivers to know. After driving trucks for over 26 years on our roads, Glenn was passionate about sharing the message to ensure that everyone gets home safely.

Following Glenn, we then had Australia country music star James Blundell join the campaign, putting a new spin on his smash hit ‘Way Out West’ to help motorists understand the We All Need Space messaging. With over 35 years as a touring artist, James knows how important it is to drive safely around heavy vehicles and was keen to support our messaging.

Shortly after James, we had a second truck driver join the campaign – Casuarina ‘CJ’ Smith from Adelaide, South Australia. Seeing her dad driving trucks since she was a little girl inspired the 33-year-old to make a career as a truck driver herself. CJ worked with us to develop some terrific videos about driving in a truck’s blind spots, demonstrating where they are and how easy it is for light vehicle to end up in one.

Our final talent to join the campaign was NRL legend Sam Thaiday, tackling everything heavy vehicle safety. While on the field the opposition may not need space, on the road, trucks sure do, and it was great to partner with Sam to deliver important road safety messages in a fun and relatable way.

Together, all five of our talent were able to collaborate with the NHVR to share safety videos addressing topics such as;

How to navigate a truck’s blind spots
Keeping the lanes beside a turning truck free
How to safely overtake a truck
Keeping truck rest stops free for truckies
How caravanners can communicate with truck drivers via UHF radio

The videos and supporting content were shared across a range of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Radio, Podcasts, Print and online media. We chose to work with each of these talent as they have a wide-ranging audience that helped us target people across the country with a range of demographics.

Some key accomplishments we had were;

Reaching over 4 million news feeds from the NHVR social media accounts alone
Jimmy Rees “Caravanners POV video” was viewed over 1.5 million times through Jimmy’s channels
James Blundell’s video was seen over 900,000 times on Digital TV and YouTube
250,000+ views on Glen “Yogi” Kendall videos with a positive sentiment from truck drivers
Our media reach between June – September was estimated to be 129M with coverage across Channel 7 News, WIN news, 9 News, ABC Radio, 6PR Radio, The West Australian, The Morning Show, 2GB, B105 breakfast and more

The sentiment for the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive from the heavy vehicle industry, government partners, general road users and caravanners. It has had the most positive response of any NHVR campaign to date.

All road users must understand and adjust their driving behaviour based on some simple differences between driving with other cars, compared to heavy vehicles. Put simply, the messages are trucks take longer to stop, have large blind spots, need more lanes to turn and require extra care to overtake or merge. These simple safety tips can make all the difference, and crashes can be avoided only when light vehicle drivers take the necessary precautions.

In terms of next steps, we will conduct post-market research to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and determine how we could improve these results in future. Ideally, we want to understand the message uptake of the campaign and measure the impact it’s had on truck drivers and light vehicle drivers.

Ultimately, we want to be able to understand and uncover the attitudes towards heavy vehicles and measure the propensity to change driving behaviours around heavy vehicles to make our roads safer for all road users.

We will continue to spread the word on these campaigns and reach more light vehicle drivers to make a difference. I encourage you to do the same – please share our campaign with friends, family and colleagues, have a conversation about what you see and feel from a driver or operator’s perspective, and help us put a stop to fatalities on our roads.

The campaign website can be viewed here:

I look forward to seeing the positive impact these campaigns have had on our industry.


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